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Time for a Leadership Change in Afghanistan?

Now that General McChrystal has publicly undermined the President, it's time to start asking where his loyalties lie.

Obama's Iran Bind

Assuming Iran doesn't back down from its nuclear program, and assuming the U.S. can't convince China and Russia to support meaningful sanctions, what's the administration's Plan B?

Refreshing: A Thoughtful Approach to Sending More Troops

Is anyone else getting annoyed with the GOP and the media on the Afghanistan issue?

Little Sympathy for ACORN Here

If this isn’t the end of ACORN, I hope it’s the end of ACORN as we know it.

09/11/2001 Where Were YOU?

Today, 09/11/09, eight years later... I am stopping to remember and pray for all of the families that have lost loved ones, including the brave men & women of our military who are still fighting, because of the vicious, hate-filled attacks on our country.

Not Giving Up on the GOP

President Obama is not giving up on the GOP.  Two and a half years of (typically) unjustified and brutal attacks have not broken his desire to forge a common-sense, post-partisan government.

More Scalps for Glenn Beck's Belt?

Glenn Beck is feeling his Cheerios it seems.  His "success" in forcing the resignation of Van Jones has emboldened him to go "czar" hunting.  Here are his next victims, if I am reading things right.

Will the Complexion of the GOP Ever Change?

From The Washington Post.

I was intrigued by this Editorial written by Kathleen Parker about Marvin Rogers, a 33 year old Republican from South Carolina who ran unsuccessfully for the House of Representatives.

Bush 41 School Speech Roundup

In the words of former Majority Leader Dick Gephardt: "The Department of Education should not be producing paid political advertising for the president, it should be helping us to produce smarter students."

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