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Mike Judd, Brevard, NC
It is truly sad that Governor Romney was selected to lead the party.  He appears to be out of touch with the rest of us.  I cannot vote for a man who asks to lead while he squirrels  his millions of dollars in off-shore accounts and pays 14% on the rest.  He would keep the wealthy paying a minimal tax rate while his partner Rep Ryan proposes to balance the budget by neutering Medicare, Social Security and other programs.  These wealthy folks are the ones dependent on the government for their special tax breaks far greater than those with the greatest need. So count me a Republican for Obama.

Paula Pennypacker, Scottsdale, Arizona
President Obama will be the first Democrat that I have ever voted for for president since registering Republican after college in 1980 so I could vote for Ronald Reagan. The GOP is now a party of extremists who have successfully squeezed out the voices of those of us who are center-right. We don't need to redefine the meaning of “rape.” We need to redefine what it means to be a Republican. Obama will move us "forward." Romney will move us backwards!

Jerry Hannon, Pinellas County, Florida
President Obama has been impeded by ideologues of my own party, making him unable to do the things needed to get this economy on solid ground.  Moreover, he has demonstrated the rare gifts of a thoughtful Commander-in-Chief, and as a military retiree I appreciate all he has done for the men and women of our Armed Forces, and, importantly, for their families as well.

Sharon Caliendo, Norman, OK
About nine months ago, I started researching in earnest on what I had been told about Obama and discovered to my chagrin Republicans were being lied to about Obama by Republican members of Congress, the RNC, and longtime leaders of the GOP, not to mention conservative pundits and Fox News. Research snowballed after that and I began to slowly realize that what we had been told about Obama was mostly lies to fit the GOP narrative to make him a one-term President.  

Bill Dreisbach, Medford, NJ
I’d like to thank President Obama for the last 4 years working to save us from a certain financial cliff, getting us out of Iraq, helping to protect the environment, and promoting the ‘small government’ get-out-of-my-life social issues that I believe are important.



Robert Murphy, Chicago, IL
I am a 62 year old white guy. I served in the Vietnam war, I have paid my taxes, and I pretty much kept my mouth shut until a radical right wing with a big mouth and an empty brain showed up. The Republican party has basically become anti-everything. Also, a few billionaries and millionaires have taken over the party, and these men have swayed peoples minds for the worst. Koch industries has, in many cases, ruined the environment-- our clean air, or lakes and rivers and streams-- for the sake of profit.



Jeffrey Austin, Hampton Roads, VA

The GOP has been hijacked by the radical right, namely the Tea Party and people like Grover Norquist, and will fade into the dust, becoming a minor political institution within our lifetimes. Barack Obama isn't much of a Democrat, but he is a great Progressive Republican, like Teddy Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, Bob La Follette Sr. & Jr., William Milliken, Nelson Rockefeller, Gen Colin Powell and George Romney.

Former GOP Senator and Vietnam Vet endorses President Obama, 2012


Former GOP Senator and Vietnam veteran Larry Pressler endorses President Obama

By Rob Diamond, Veterans and Military Families Vote Director on

October 9, 2012

Where is the grass roots organization? People in populated geographic areas who can pool their money to buy yard signs at $3 apiece instead of $19 apiece, and to by electronic billboard advertising space? All we've seen so far is people popping off, but not doing anything. Do you want to win or don't you? Is this site merely a diversion to occupy Republicans who would vote against Romney so that they don't organize and mount a credible campaign to keep the President, who performs more like a traditional Republican, in office? Where are the links to campaign leaders in each populated metropolitan area?

Hi Sky,

We're a volunteer organization, run by people with jobs, families, and a lot of other stuff going on. Those $19 yard signs help keep things running here-- we don't haul in the hundreds of millions the Obama campaign does!

If you're volunteering to help (and you're a Republican), please email me:


Hmmm. Nevermind. The Facebook Obama for America - Pennsylvania just deleted my comments and blocked me from posting. This is what I posted: The Obama ads and posts all feature predominantly blacks, who comprise less than 13% of the US population. Are they intentionally trying to disenfranchise whites that still comprise over 70% of the US population? Is Obama TRYING to lose? Reply: So, you're saying you can't relate to a person' s story because they are a different color? Not at all. If the objective is to win the election, one must appeal to all the voters. Many whites who are inclined to vote for Obama, such as 'Traditional' or 'Eisenhower' Republicans, are seeing the heavy promotion with primarily blacks as a red flag, and will support Obama's opponent, even if they agree with the President's perspective and actions. The campaign is doing more harm than good with the ads that don't reflect the demographic breakdown of the voters necessary to win the election. The Obama campaign is portraying the race as a black or minority thing as opposed to an American thing. To win the election, one must win the middle. Obama's disconcerting lack of ability to be in command (He is Commander-in-Chief, and as such has access to and must have a firm handle on all facts more than anyone else, and must be in complete and firm command of himself and the situation.) in the first debate is pushing many in the middle to the other side. The poll results clearly show that. When the lives of 314 million Americans hang in the balance, having a bad day is not an option. Strike One. The Obama campaigns appeal using mostly blacks or non-whites in their photos is pushing many in the middle to the other side. The difference is a matter of culture to which one relates, NOT a matter of color. The phone caller the other day with the strong black accent will push many or most white voters to Romney, even if they think he's a twit. Certainly a sufficient number to affect the outcome of the election. Strike Two. Which leads to the legitimate question: Is Obama TRYING to lose? Obama and the Obama campaign are letting down the millions who passionately support him. and: The last time Margaret Harris voted was in 1928—and the next time will be on November 6, 2012 for President Barack Obama. Watch her story to get inspired, then commit to vote: http://OFA.BO/iUfcaj That's wonderful. Except it is appealing to the passions of the voter demographic that already supports the President. To win the election, one must win the middle. The middle is moderates, many Republican, and mostly white. This post is just one more nail in the coffin of the Obama campaign and Obama presidency. Is Obama TRYING to lose? I am an experienced political chairman and campaigner. Given this insult, I'm afraid I'll have to support Romney. The collapse of the Obama campaign is like watching a football team with a commanding lead blow the game in the last 4 minutes of the 4th quarter.
You diffently have a good perspective.
I have been a registered republican my entire adult life. My grandfather came here from Norway and started his own successful company, which he built on the basic principles of the republican party of free enterprise with little government intervention. These basic principles have been taken advantage of through out the generations by corporate mogules who have obliterated the middle class for their own gain. President Obama has been forced to put mandates in place to prevent further demise of our economy, and for that he is called a "socialist leader." A couple of my adult children are now going to be voting for the first time in this presidential election, and the advice I have been given them is basic math - are we better off than we were four years ago- YES! We are better off due directly to the radical actions President Obama was forced to take to prevent the complete collapse of our economy.

I have a 23 year old daughter with three life threatening illnesses, and she requires much medical care and medications. Without health insurance, my husband and I would go bankrupt in an effort to keep her alive. The provisions in Obamacare not only allows her to stay on our policy until she is 26, which allows her time to secure a good job with health benefits after college, but she can never be turned down for health coverage due to pre-existing conditions. Obamacare ( which my republican party likes to say like a four letter word) is SAVING MY CHILDS LIFE! I am mortified at the thought of Romney becoming president and taking measures to overturn President Obama's healthcare reform. Health care is not a privilege for those who can afford it - it is a basic human right! President Obama has made a positive direct impact on my own household. I will be for the first time in my life casting my vote for a democrat. Lets all come together, regardless of our party affiliations, and keep this president in office so that he can continue to move us all forward.

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