You are hereKeep up the good work!

Keep up the good work!

Fellow Republicans,

If you've been on the site over the last couple of days, you've probably realized that we've had a very good week. First there was the New Yorker article, which increased traffic and helped us grow our membership. Then there was our quote in the Times of London that ended up all over the blogosphere and nearly ended up crashing our site with traffic.

Some of our blogs and forum posts, like the Why I am an Obama supporter, have gotten some very interesting responses, both of the positive and negative variety. Interesting reading for any conservative Obama backer.

Let's keep up the good work. Voters across the U.S. are starting to see that us grassroots Republicans are serious and committed when it comes to an Obama Presidency. No other candidate has this ability to reach across party lines and help heal our country. No other candidate gets this kind of cross-party support.



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