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"They have moved. I’ve stayed here."

By John Martin - Posted on 20 January 2012

Here's an interesting statement made last night by the President at a NYC fundraiser. 


"This year is going to be as stark a choice as we have seen -- a starker choice than we saw in 2008." said President Obama last night at his New York City fundraisers.
"In 2008, I was running against a Republican nominee who agreed that we should ban torture, agreed that we should close Guantanamo, believed in climate change, had worked on immigration reform," he said, "And so as profound as the differences were between myself and John McCain, there was some sense of convergence when it came to some very important issues."
Obama added, "If you’ve been listening to the Republican debates, they have moved. I’ve stayed here."
The president repeated the same McCain line at three fundraisers last night, pointing out that Republicans are more radical than ever.
"The Republicans in Congress, the candidates running for President, they’ve got a very specific idea about where they want to take this country."  Obama told supporters at the Apollo Theater, "They want to reduce the deficit by gutting our investments in education, by gutting our investments in research and technology, by letting our roads and our bridges and our airports deteriorate."
From healthcare reform, to climate change, and to a whole host of other issues, there's little doubt that the GOP has moved even further right. A big chunk of that seems to be just in an effort to help them distinguish themselves from Obama. God forbid they admit to seeing eye-to-eye on the President on anything.

Wow, incredibly articulate way to make an extremely salient point.

And to think he's just getting started in the re-election mode. It will no doubt get better as we draw closer to November.

On a technical issue: once again, I posted on another topic and the comment went to never-never land, and that was without an external link.  I may have to bow out of this website out of frustration.  It'll be like rolling the dice on this comment once I save it. 

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I find it hard to believe we can't fix this. Thanks. 

I haven't been hanging around here because I feel like I might just be talking to myself since everyone else seems to have hit the road.  OK, well, maybe it's John and me, but still...

And I have to confess, I have been cheating on you with another site lately.

Ha! Which site?


Things will get busier, but Facebook is just so durn easy to use, most people have migrated to our page there. As long as people are engaged somewhere, it's fine by me.

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