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Line In The Sand?

By Suzi LeVeaux - Posted on 17 September 2011

Is President Obama forcing the Republican Party to draw their line in the sand, or is he drawing his?? Possibly both!!

The President knows the Republicans won't support anything he proposes. It took him a while to realize compromise won't work with this particular breed of the GOP. He seems to be playing a masterful chess game, proposing back to back legislation appealing to most voters. These proposals will help the nation recover from the economic mess created by the failed Republican policies of the Bush administration. In doing so, he is painting a vivid contrast between him and the opposition.

First he proposed the American Jobs Act, forcing the House Republicans to all but reject it. In a memo to their caucus, Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA), and other leaders dismissed the bill’s largest spending and tax cutting portions, leaving little of the bill intact. In the memo, the leaders explained their concerns on the tax. (see link for memo)

On Monday, the President will call for a new minimum tax rate for individuals making more than $1 million a year. to ensure that they pay at least the same percentage of their earnings as middle-income taxpayers. The proposal is called the BUFFETT RULE, in reference to Warren E. Buffett, billionaire investor who complained the richest Americans generally pay a smaller share of their income in federal taxes than do middle-income workers, because investment gains are taxed at a lower rate.

So, it seems that the President is forcing the Republicans to either show their hand, which is protecting the rich at the expense of the middle class, OR support his proposal. Either way, President Obama wins.  

It is time to relate every piece of legislation and every proposal to the huge contrast which exists between the White House and the obstructionist, make-Obama-fail-at-any-cost Republicans in Congress. 

So who is drawing the line in the sand? We will have to watch this one play out. Pass the popcorn...

I don't know if I can support this "Buffet rule". It seems to me to be about as well-intentioned and yet as poorly-implemented as the "alternative minimum tax".

I would rather support reforming capital gains taxes by treating short-term capital gains as ordinary income, removing the "carried interest" loophole, and add an financial transaction tax.

Or introduce a new tax bracket.

Agreed. The main advantage to Obama's plan, of course, is that it's easier for voters to understand. If this helps him win the election, then he can always modify his plan to something more workable.

 I am guardedly (VERY guardedly) optimistic about Obama's tough stance. But a true tough stance stays tough over a long period of time.  He has been tough in short spurts only to collapse, to his deteriment and to ours.

I don't mean that he can't or shouldn't make genuine compromises (as in getting something for something comparable as opposed to getting nothing for everything), but there needs to be sizable revenue and there needs to be an attack on some, if not all, of the more outrageous tax breaks for wealthiest earners.

I hope your confidence is well founded, Suzy

My hopes are up that President Obama will " stay tuff" and stand his ground PERIOD. Drawing the line in order to reveal to the public "the real culprets" is a good strategy.  Bottom line the GOP is assisting in running this country in the ground with their crazy attacks on the President. 

I am hoping that Obama doesn't concede to this new breed of GOP. We may not like his strategy or plan ( BTW which I do LOL); however, I am totally appreciating his stance.  This  new tax implementation should put the GOP to the forefront so the American people can see what the far right is willing to do when faced with real tough issues related to the rich. I think it is a good move on the President's part; however, how this plays out in its economic impact remains to be seen. I believe the American people hopes have been eroded by how the far right have framed every policy, every mishap or topic the President has expressed; they have attempted to distort the very image of the President as some calculating deceiving foreigner who wants to overthrow the USA LOL.  They even stated that Universal health care  or Obamacare was based on the Reformations for African Americans! LOL--- How absurd LOL hahaha. On every agenda, the far right has managed to twist, pervert and frame issues in their favor!--- and what has the so called left liberal done??? Nothing! the left liberal has done absolutely nothing to rebuttal some the of the Ludacris ideology that has come from the Tea partiers; the left has remained virtually silent on the things that mattered all but kept the in fighting brewing  ( which kept them distracted from the resistant right).


I am hoping that the American people and the RFO can renew our hope in this current administration and keep forging forward. We are the Movers and shakers of this movement despite being poor or middle class. We have seen in the past  how the "Little people" ( civil rights movements, women's rights movement, gay rights and etc)  have influenced  and transformed our society for the better ( still not there yet), but we can't give up now; we have come too far to just give up! --- If we give up now, our future is sure to be bleak!  ---Can you imagine what would have happened  if the soldiers of the past had decided that they were too tired to continue the fight, what this society would look like? ----Remember that slogan at the beginning of Obama's run for President?? Yes We Can!---- Not Yes He Can!!----- we dropped the ball when he got elected. The far right never rested with their vitriol; therefore, we can't get slothful with our vigilance; this is not the time to slack!!     I am posting a Link to a video that I think covers a lot of issues relate dto the current administration politics and how  hatred, classism and sexism have been shaped by this current environment of the perceived shifting of power if you will!----- I am trying to find some connections between what is going on in our political environmnet and how all the issues are interrelated ; therfore not isolated issues of their own---- Again I hope this video is about enlightment and not guilt or antagonism.

For more than 30 years, Republicans have successfully sold the message that all taxes are unfair, but in their ideological pivot to the far right, they have taken their position too far. In a bad economy, an argument that those who have the most should pay the least is never going to be popular. The Republican position has also been doomed by a decade’s worth of tax cuts for the rich that have not boosted the economy and created jobs.

I'll have to find the time to watch that sounds interesting.   The bottom line,in tying it all together,  is follow the money.  The hatred, and all of the "isms" are used as tools by those who want to control our government for the benefit of Corporate America. 

I will not give up, I will not falter nor will I slack off.  Yes we can, Yes we did, and Yes we will again. 

I am still encouraged despite the continual fight on justice for everyone; Corporate America has reared its ugly head at middle America. It's unbelievable what the elites are  spewing out towards the poor and middle class. The far right are extremely bold at saying that people should die if they don't have  Medical coverage!! what will they say next??  we can't take this movement laying down; we have to stand up to the TPTB.  I am sure the Corporate Business are banking on the "little people" Poor, middle class or whatever to fight each other or to be divisive towards each other so the Big Rigs can continue to justify their status.

I guess I am illiterate when it comes to the world of finance ( I am learning thou LOL), so I will leave it up to Tinsoldier or others who are the experts to argue the details of taxation but I do realize that we can't keep defending that the rich should pay less tax; this makes no sense to the larger society as to why the rich should be cut some slack on their taxes when ordinary people's taxes are continuing going up. No one is indicating that people should pick on the "Poor Rich people's money" LOL but everyone is working  hard for their money; therefore, the rich should not be shown special favors by paying less taxes than the middle class or poor. 

 However, we do have Bigger fishes to fry like Jobs and healthcare!! It remains to be seen what Congress will do about the Jobs Bill; I am hoping that the President remains persistent; I hope he doesn't let up or attempt to compromise with people who revolt him., we shall see.

Oh, what I'd give for a "Like" button.  lol  Great find Kim!!!!

Heh, I "like" it too, but nowadays even Democrats are right, center-right, and center-left. 

I think the Republicans would be smart to back off the "no taxes" pledge. Even if they just showed one good faith compromise towards more revenue. But they won't. Norquist and Limbaugh are just too influential. So they look like bullies and rigid little cry babies. And they've now gone on record as supporting Medicare benefit cuts and ending Social Security (the GOP Pres leader calls it a ponzi scheme!) before they tax the rich a single penny more. Very obvious who they care about. My understanding is that this proposal specifically targets taxing millionaires (brilliant political move to highlight this in one package) but the tax loopholes and simplifying tax code is ALSO on the table via the debt commission. So Pres. Obama does understand we need a combination of tax reforms to get significant revenues. Doing it all through cuts-as the GOP is pushing-will lead us into depression territory and Pres. Obama needs to point that out. Republicans of the past would be open to these modest tax code changes, but this bunch ignores the math and pushes an agenda that will harm everyone but the rich. When big corporations realize people no longer have money to support that company, maybe even they will hit the panic button and think about the need for shared sacrifice for the good of all and to truly stimulate the economy.

I will never take that pledge.  

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