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This guy should run for president

By John Martin - Posted on 03 August 2011

He's smart. He's not perfect, but he's willing to say many things that make people think twice. That's a whole lot better than the nonsense most Republicans give you these days.

Christie as president?  No sorry John, I will only vote GOP in Florida's primary election, and then it will be for Mitch Romney, if his name is on the ballot.   I must vote GOP in the primary.  In the General election I will vote for Obama even if I must write in his name.

Definitely not!  Misty had a post yesterday about Christie where I mentioned that David Koch had commented that Christie was their kind of guy.  He secretively left the state in June to give the keynote address for the Koch highrollers seminar, and he also mentioned that he had met with David Koch during the winter.  The NJ Democrats are seeking legislatively that the governor provides the info when he leaves the state.

I appreciated the fact that he stood up for a Muslim judge appointee, although I think his behavior has  been appalling when he stated he wanted to take a baseball bat to a senior female politician who legimately accessed her benefits as well as his rudeness to a constituent who asked about the private schools he sent his kids to.

Btw, welcome aboard Wade!  I'm not one of the Republicans on the forum, but I appreciate the rare opportunity of talking to some of the few moderate Republicans still around. 

Ty Misty,

I didn't know that about Christie, it was other things turned me off about him, what you wrote doesn't surprise me. 


I was sick watching Morning Joe. Every panel member went on and on about how Christie should run. It was as if it were a paid advertisement. He is just another "flavor of the month" IMO. ANother savior they are wishing for who will disappoint. He is way too hard-edged for me. The way he bashes teacher unions and speaks down to people who disagree with him is not presidential. Why do we go crazy when someone in the GOP simply does the right thing and defends a Muslim? We should expect that of everyone of them. Reagan would be so ashamed that it's the exception, not the rule to treat people in a humane way these days in GOP land. And don't be surprised if that "having a heart" business ends pretty quickly if he runs-he'll apologize to Rush Limbaugh soon I'm sure. Look how they've turned on Perry for being somewhat compassionate when it comes to immigration. A big no, no in a GOP primary. His ratings have increased to 52% approval in NJ recently but President Obama's have also increased in NJ over the same time period to 55%. Christie himself said he is not ready, too inexperienced. I think his big speech today shows he is flirting with the idea or enjoying the attention or just getting ready for a book deal. I hope it's the later. He just rubs me the wrong way on so many levels. And courting him just shows how unhappy Republicans are with the fireld. He really doesn't poll that well against the other GOP candidates and Pres. Obama. And let's not forget his health issues-not exactly something to overlook. I shout a big NO to this one. Sorry, John. Have to agree to disagree.

I think you should watch that video again. Just as he attacked teachers unions, he attacks the very Republicans you and I have a problem with. That is huge-- he's attacking our crazies and calling them out for their bs! That's exactly what you and I are all about!

He also has admitted that global warming is man-made and that it's a problem. These are gutsy moves for any Republican.

The title of this thread is "This guy shoud run for president," not "I would definietly vote for this guy if he runs." I want Chris Christie to get on the national stage and show the nation and the wackjobs in the GOP that not every good Republican hates Muslims or thinks global warming is a hoax. 

If the movement supporting him is bound to be disappointed, then I say good. Let Republicans see yet another savior come along, only to disappoint their irrational expectations. 

I wish I could be as positive as you, John. Now that he is in the limelight, what does he decide to do? Take a cheap shot at Perry who does not want to punish children of illegal immigrants who came here by no fault of their own. Sorry, but that is a glimpse at stage one of him going from moderate to far right. Heaven forbid you want children of illegal immigrants to be educated and perhaps one day be good tax-payers or successful citizens. Makes me sick that he wants to appease the crazies already with his anti-immigration slam. I actually admired Perry for calling the other GOPers "heartless" but now Perry has been forced to apologize for having an ounce of compassion. Cristie can't survive unless he swerves far right and he apparently knows it.


From ABC News. Though New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was vague about his own presidential ambitions during an appearance at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library on Tuesday night, he did take direct aim at the current front-runner for the Republican nomination. During a Q&A session Christie took issue with Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s assertion at a debate last week that refusing to provide discounted college tuition to illegal immigrants was heartless. “I want every child who comes to New Jersey to be educated, but I don’t believe that for those people who came here illegally, we should be subsidizing with taxpayer money, through in-state tuition their education,” Christie said. “And let me be very clear from my perspective: That is not a heartless position that is a common sense position.” Perry, who as governor of Texas supported a bill allowing the children of illegal immigrants to receive in-state tuition at Texas colleges and universities, said at a debate in Florida last week that anyone who disagrees does not “have a heart.” “If you say that we should not educate children who have come into our state for no other reason than they’ve been brought there by no fault of their own, I don’t think you have a heart,” Perry said. “We need to be educating these children, because they will become a drag on our society.” It was a clear reference to his rival Mitt Romney, who, at the same debate, took a swipe at Perry on the in-state tuition law. Romney shot back a day after the debate. “My friend Gov. Perry says if you don’t agree his position on giving that in state tuition on illegals then you don’t have a heart,” Romney said at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando last week. “I think if you’re opposed to illegal immigration it doesn’t mean you don’t have a heart, it means you have a heart and a brain.” In addition to aligning himself with Romney on Tuesday night, Christie also expressed dissatisfaction with the state of border security in the country: “Our borders have to be secure and we have done an awful job of doing that.”

You have me feeling very Republican. These are not just children of illegal immigrants we're talking about here-- these are actual illegal immigrants. If they're old enough to go to college, then they're presumably adults as well. Every dollar we spend to educate illegal immigrants is one dollar less we have to educate legal immigrants and American citizens.

If the taxpayers of Texas want to spend their money paying to educate foreigners who are here illegally, I really don't have a problem with it, but I do have a problem with a candidate who might try implementing a similar program at the federal level.

Don't worry. I won't call you heartless because we all know you have a big heart. But his law simply allowed children of illegal immigrants in-state tuition rates to go to college. Read the article below and you will see that there are faces to go with the anti-immigrant rhetoric. Yes-they are college age children but nobody makes it easy for them to hide from their status without risk of deportation to them or family members. Controversy like this reminds us why we need comprehensive immigration reform. An easy, honest path to citizenship. And please tell me how many Republicans are open to that discussion or action? Zero. The Dream Act should be a no-brainer and even moderates won't consider it. How pathetic is that? Again, this subject brings out some passion in me because my husband's family is from Mexico and here legally but they have faced harassment and "suspicious" looks due to this new wave of anti-immigration chatter so Chris Cristie-being considered moderate-would greatly add to the difficulty and make it more mainstream & acceptable. On the surface, I agree that it would be nice to have one of the more sane Republicans run against Obama so we might actually have a discussion of policy and issues. But we'd risk Christie winning and I think we'd end up with Bush-like policies and more great things for Wall Street while Main Street suffers even more.

I'm still unmoved. These illegal immigrants can still go to University of Texas-- just at the rate a prospective student from Oklahoma or California or Georgia would. 

You're right about us needing immigration reform, and I'm actually fine with some provisions that would allow children here illegally a path toward citizenship, provided we actually try to keep illegal immigrants out-- something we've never seriously done.


POLITICO's Mike Allen quoted someone close to Christie as to why he won't run:

"There are three reasons [Christie probably won't take the bait.] One is: He genuinely believes that he's not prepared on an issue and substance basis to address all of the things you have to address as a candidate, and he's leery of learning on the fly. Two, the performance of Perry shows the dangers of late entry: It's right in front of him. And while others use that as a reason for him to GET in, for him, it's the opposite - it's the reason that validates his decision NOT to get in this late. And the third is that ... you sit and look at the map ... and the path for Chris Christie [to get more delegates than Romney] is difficult to chart ... If he gets in, the first thing he has to do is beat Perry and establish himself as the REAL anti-Romney. And the path to doing that is difficult: Perry's not going to just drop out."

This is the best piece I've read on why Christie should not run:

The chances of failure might be just too high for him. I'm not sure the electorate will give Christie the benefit of the doubt and let him play catch up on putting together a presidential campaign.

I sure wish Christie defended teachers like he did the Muslims in this video. When he talks of tenure, he jokes that all we need is a pulse. Do you have any idea how much more difficult that attitude-by a well known public figure-makes my job as a teacher? I have 20 years experience teaching some very tough kids and now people will question my efforts and credentials, assuming I have such an easy job. Does Gov. Christie want to follow my colleagues home and watch them make parent phone calls throughout the dinner hour, does he want to see us give up our lunch to talk to that kid who is having difficulty at home, does he want to follow us to the store and watch us spend our own money on extra school supplies for the students because of his cuts? Does he want to explain why our test scores might go down due to much higher class sizes since he cut so many teachers? I can accept and understand wanting to find ways to save money in education but his absolute disrespect and belittling the teaching professional is beyond the pale. And I might accept sone responsible cuts in education if he were asking for similar sacrifices from the wealthy or Wall Street. I saw this video which features the NJ Teacher of the Year who has portrayed Christie as a bully (for good reason IMO.) Sorry to be so passionate on the subject but I have to defend my profession from the stereotypes. If Christie had his way they would fire me right now (I'm sure they could say I just didn't try hard enough to increase my scores-pay no attention to the dysfunctional homes of my students or their learning disabilities) and hire a fresh college grad at half the cost.

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