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House vote on funding military action in Libya

By Misty - Posted on 24 June 2011


Two U.S. House votes on Libya today, then they go on recess until after the 4th.

First vote

Both Republican and Democratic members of Congress are challenging President Obama on his handling of the mission and his failure to seek Congressional approval.

The House of Representatives rebuked President Obama's incursion in Libya. Lawmakers overwhelmingly voted against a measure that would authorize the President to fight a “limited” war for one year. The vote, 123 - 295, reveals strong opposition in the House for the U.S. to continue assisting NATO with the aerial raids and military mission.  The proposal is similar to one offered in the Senate by John McCain (R-AZ) and John Kerry (D-MA).

Second vote

Funding military action in Libya, HR 2278 vote on barring Funds for Military to Support NATO with some exceptions

yea/nay: The bill did not pass 180 - 238

Republicans 144 - 89

Democratic 36 - 149

Not voting 14


Question: How do you vote against continuing operations and then turn around and vote to keep funding the operations you just voted against? 

As far as I can see this was all theater... and they are all a bunch of clowns.

Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann voted against operations, but voted to continue funding.

Today, I vote Bachmann the driver of the clown car.

Good point, Misty. We have no cause, zero whatsoever, to be attacking Libya. Congress, as usual, has no spine, nor any other body parts usually associated with bold decisiveness.

Hi, I'm Michele Bachmann and I'm a hypocrite.

Now get off my lawn! You little twit!

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