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Biden: “We’re keeping our promises”

By Misty - Posted on 23 June 2011

Vice President Biden is right when he said they are keeping their promises. I’m so glad this President choose Biden to be his VP. Biden will stick up for President Obama, when all the other Democrats are going against him.

Tell them Joe…


“Each person above me—all the way up to and including the president—has a broader purview and has broader considerations that are brought to bear,” Petraeus said. “The commander in chief has decided and it is then the responsibility, needless to say, of those in uniform to salute smartly and do everything humanly possible to execute it.”

Petraeus made the comments during a Senate confirmation hearing on his nomination to head the Central Intelligence Agency. Lawmakers from both parties made it clear that they plan to vote in his favor, and Petraeus seems certain to be overwhelmingly confirmed. A four-star general with nearly 40 years in the military, he will retire from the armed forces when he moves to the CIA.

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