You are hereWill there be a deficit-reduction deal by July 1st?

Will there be a deficit-reduction deal by July 1st?

By John Martin - Posted on 19 June 2011

I say yes, and although it'll have Boehner's backing, a significant number of House Republicans won't support it.

As far as timing, Senator Kyl seems to think July 1st is a little bit too ambitious to get something hammered out by:



I voted no although I think it's a possibility.  I would have liked a 3rd option for us ambivalent types.  I'm glad to see that some senators, such as Coburn and Graham, are open to the need for further revenue, but those tea party types in the House will fight it to the bitter end.

I think a deal will be done by the summer recess so a vote takes place before Wall Street has a heart attack. But many Republicans/Tea Partiers will vote no and make the vote close/create headaches for Boehner.

In the end, the debt ceiling will be raised after a "deal" is reached. Since Republicans are backing off the Ryan plan in the debt talks, I think seniors will be spared. But will the poor be hit hard since they have no lobbying group? And I am encouraged that some are finally open to revenue through tax code fixes, ending oil subsidies, and raising taxes (although they won't call it that.) Not much has been leaked from the Biden-led talks. Curious as to how the final package will look.

I voted that yes, there will be an agreement.

In the end, they ALL know that it has to be done; the noise-makers are making the noise for political capital - nothing more, nothing less.


I believe there will be an agreement.  I just don't know if it will be by July 1st as the poll question stated.
I think the real deadline before default is early August but they want this hammered out well in advance to secure the votes and allow them to take vacations.
I voted no ... that whole place is dysfuctional. But, will be done by August.

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