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So much for McCain's Respectful Campaign....

By Suzi LeVeaux - Posted on 18 April 2008

John McCain has repeatedly insisted in public that he wants to run a respectful campaign, but a recent fundraising email from his campaign suggests there will be nothing revolutionary about the Republican nominee's tactics this year.

McCain's deputy campaign manager, Christian Ferry, sent an email to donors today with the subject line: "Hamas Weighs In On U.S. Presidential Election." The email, which attacks Obama over his foreign policy stances, includes these paragraphs: click here for link to entire article.

It seems Senator McCain is beginning his mud slinging and right wing innuendo early.  This one seemed to be right out of a Sean Hannity playbook. 


So Much For Obama's "Love Fest"

 Obama is full of hate...but most of all he hates the Old.

Look at this:

 A new video points out, not too kindly, that the 71-year-old Senator McCain is older than many, many things.

 Would any of you "Liberals" stand for this if the metric was: gender|race|religion?

 Yet, even in this blog, people feel free to criticize based on chronological age alone?



Jaba.....we thoroughly discussed the age issue witrh you recently on another thread.  We discussed the possible problems associated with age.  We have also discussed problems associated with race and gender. I'm sorry if you failed to grasp the inherent meaning and signifigance of these discussions.

With that said, this thread has nothing at all to do with age, it has to do with the old style politics, and the mud slinging, extreme right wing tactics being used by McCain.

How does a silly video made by an ameteur prove that Obama is full of hate?  That's a stretch of the imagination.  The web is filled with such videos, with each candidate being the recipient of both good and bad ones.  That's political life in 2008. 

Your posts are beginning to make me think you are very young.  Maybe you should take your ageism mantra, and rethink it in the light of real issues.

uhh.... I'm pretty sure that the video that Jaba is referencing was not produced by the Obama campaign.  Some random people go make a video and you try assigning it to Barack?  Please try coming up with some real criticisms. 
My point exactly, J.  ( Or one of them, anyway. ;-)

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