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Political Merry-Go-Round's next stop: Oklahoma

By SG8970 - Posted on 29 April 2011

Too bad that Sally Kern is at the state level. It'd be nice for some in John Boehner's caucus to more blatantly state what's on their mind. 

Until I read that article, I hadn't heard Tavis Smiley's quote. I think I understand the guy's point, but c'mon... there's racism, and then there's RACISM. At least racism is officially out of vouge nowadays, not like back in that whole slavery era.

I don't know, I think that RACISM is totally in vogue now these days with many of the white 60-and-over crowd.  The e-mails that I used to see sent around by my parents and their friends (before I blocked my dad from my e-mail) would melt your eyeballs.

Racism is alive an well.  The thing is, everyone thought it was confined to the South.  The election of President Obama brought them all out of the closet and spewing all of their vile stereotypes they only talked about among themselves before.

John, among a large segment of the population, especially in red states, racism is very much in vogue.  It may not be PC, but they don't care. 

And calling what existed during slavery "racism" is like calling David Duke "a little right of center".  lol

Speaking of racism....

Some places liked Cafepress stopped selling these, but they're still available.

Next Stop: Louisiana. Sorry Suzi. ):

Louisiana Republican Wants to Sterilize Poor Women

Comment I saw from facebook:

"I know, we can open up some clinics that would provide birth control for poor women, and help them with other health and family planning issues-----help me think of a catchy name for it."

Thankfully, this has nothing to do with new laws in New York, but it sure connects to the bigotry issues. And it's so close to my home. Embarrassing!

A man in East Amherst, New York escalated an ongoing feud with a neighboring mosque by placing a sign that reads "Bomb Making Next Driveway" on his lawn, saying his "intent was to catch the eye of the people who I have a problem with."

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