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Los Angeles Votes

By lephead - Posted on 28 February 2011

Here is a chart showing how parts of the city of Los Angeles votes.  The county does not officially break down vote by areas (except city council districts) so this is kind of a rough chart.

Looking at this chart, it appears that neighborhoods that are predominantly Hispanic vote heavily Democrat as do neighborhoods that are wealthy.

The only areas where Republicans even have a chance are the rapidly disappearing Valley white middle class neighborhoods like Northridge, Encino and Chatsworth. 

The wealthy in Southern California are likely a lost cause, but Republicans must go after the Hispanic vote or in 20 years we are going to be in the same kind of trouble in Texas that we are in California. 

Thanks for looking at my chart.  I do not know of any other attempt to break the city of L>A> down like this because it takes so much time to code precincts.  But as stated it was interesting that it was only the UPPER parts of the San Fernando Valley where Republican Candidates had a chance, even the lower end like Sherman Oaks and Van Nuys were 2 to 1 Democratic.
Thanks for noticing my error.  The vote for Whitman was 5160 in Encino.

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