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Bitter Comments

By John Martin - Posted on 14 April 2008

Over the past 25 years, our economy has not benefited lower and middle income Americans anywhere near as much as it has the wealthiest of us. For some reason, though, much of middle America continues to support the Republican party, despite the fact that we've been really bad at making sure our economy benefits everyone who's willing to work hard. Why? Because our party has used cultural themes-- religion, Second Amendment rights, etc.-- to distract voters into thinking that Democrats are necessarily anti-American.

There is nothing un-American about a presidential candidate telling a roomful of people on the coast that our economy hasn't helped working people in middle America. There is nothing un-American with pointing out that the Republican Party has been successful in exploiting cultural themes. For the record, there's also nothing un-American with being wealthy, nothing un-American with contributing money to a political candidate, and there is nothing un-American with having a frank discussion about the plight of working class people in our country.

When was the last time a Republican candidate spoke to a private gathering of wealthy Americans about the economic plight of our small towns? It probably hasn't happened over the last 25 years.




Excellent comments !    It is the Media elite that are running this story, makes good  ratings, Sen. Obama has explained  / clarified the comments in many forums;  plus there is a 2004 you tube video in which Obama discusses this same issue we are discussing in 2008; obviously the Bush admin. did nothing to improve the current issues we face.


It's short, but when you realize that it is from 2004, it shows that Obama isn't just making election year promises.  In the video, he addresses the problems of rural and working class America, and frames it in the same way he does today. 
The reliance on faith, the importance of family tradition in hunting (guns) in times of economic crisis.  I think Obama should use this in his campaign to show that his feelings and positions on this matter have been consistant through the flip-flopping for Barack!

The thing that has made the last two decades of Republicans so successful is their uncanny ability to portray themselves as the defender of "the little guy" while in reality actually protecting the big guys. If you can pull this off, it means you get all the big guys voting for you, as well as all the little guys who've fallen for your act. It's worked brilliantly for the party.

How have the Republicans kept up this facade? In two ways: one, as John said, the Republicans have used a rhetoric of morality to make it seem as though they represent people of faith.  Further, they've used "no new taxes" to make it seem like they're protecting the pocketbooks of the middle class; when really they're creating tax loopholes for the upper echelons while jacking up spending and leaving the all of us with an enormous federal debt burden (currently at $600,000 per household). It blows my mind that so many out there still believe that our party represents and defends the middle class. It's just not true.

The problem with anyone trying to point out the truth is that there's a shoot the messenger kind of mentality out there. 


 You made a lot of great points, and especially the last one of SHOOT THE MESSENGER. No one wants to be in the crosshairs because then you are personally and professionally destroyed.  Seriously, the Republican party even tried to destroy McCain, when he has gone against them for the BETTER OF THE PEOPLE. I just don't trust him now when he's their little PUPPET and he's following right along. DOESN'T HE KNOW MORE PEOPLE WOULD LOVE HIM MORE if he went back to what he really believes. Oh well, I hope he loses to Obama for being so TWOFACED. It is so sad to watch the destruction of McCain.

So many things I love about the "thought" of the Republican Party and while some people are voting for Hillary because they miss the "illusion" of prosperity with the Bill Clinton administration and they are hoping for that back, I am wishing for a return to the "illusion" of prosperity of the Ronald Reagan administration, but know that's not reality. Obama, even as a democrat, seems to understand how to bring us together, and unfortunatley, RUSH was right and Hillary is gonna have him so bloodied and bruised beyond repair, and she even knows at this point she can't even win. I am so saddened, and disgusted, that this is sucking the hope right out of me.....UNTIL......UNTIL I think, DAT BEEOTCH AINT GONNA GET ME DOWN! NO WAY NO HOW! BEEOTCH AINT GONNA GET ME DOWN!!! I cannot let her win this one because I am ONE DETERMINED BEEOTCH  too! And I am 20 yrs younger! I can stay up later than 11 pm and I'd rather be like Obama than to get a discount like Hillary on my dinner at the early bird senior special! (but Obama can't say that, but I can because I am a BEEOTCH, TOO!) There are a lot of things one BEEOTCH can say to another BEEOTCH! I'll stop here, though before I do a Hillary and GO TOO FAR!

Small town typical white person who is BITTER
about being LIED TO and HOPEFUL for the future!
GObama!!! 08 careful you funny little beeotch......<I can stay up later than 11 pm and I'd rather be like Obama than to get a discount like Hillary on my dinner at the early bird senior special! (but Obama can't say that, but I can because I am a BEEOTCH, TOO!)>  I'm Hillary's age and can stay up WAY past

Just kidding you sista!  It was actully funny.....I think ;-)

 As my 6 yr old says "Oopsies!" If Hillary steals the nomination, then I will put your name in as a write in vote, cause you are one chick I could support!!!



Small town typical white person who is BITTER
about being LIED TO and HOPEFUL for the future!
GObama!!! 08

No "oopsies" needed. ;-)  Hey, I like that idea.....Suzi for president...I guarantee you gumbo in every pot!  How's that for a campaign slogan?  lol

As much as I would love to accept your nomination, I yield to the distinguished Senator from Illinois.  (Unless Shrillary steals the nomination...then I expect all RFOers to write in Suzi! ;-)

<When was the last time a Republican candidate spoke to a private gathering of wealthy Americans >

Well J, if you take just this part of the statement, you could just about name any date and time, and be correct! ;-)

What happened to Truthseeker, Barbara, leatherneck, macdoodle, TexasRepublican, creflo, fiscal_conservative, klafrance, Carly and MarkUSArmyveteran ?

Well, the issue is one that every Revolutionary movement (the NeoCon takeover of 1988-94) faces...a Reaction.

Obama is the Liberal Reaction to the Reagan Revolution. He is here to retake the power that was seized by the common people back then.

His point, however, is that the former Revolutionaries are now the Entrenched Few.

All over, I see time and time again, the former greats of the 20th Century holding on tooth and nail in a world whose paradigms have changed.

The Windows OS is under seige from Linux.

Television is disrupted by streaming video.

In 1988, people were afraid of "rappers" and white kids didn't listen to their music. In 2008, Disneyland and HipHop go hand in hand.

Obama is calling the bluffs of the Conservatives who still think they can use certain buzzwords and get people riled up.

But, man, if that Jerimiah Wright wasn't Obama's Donna Rice, I don't know what is?! 

 And there is always a Reaction.   If you tell a 7 year old, that ketchup is a vegetable...can't you imagine that the few really smart kids, who hear that, are going to keep it inside of them until they get to the point where they get in power...and then what are they going to do?  They're going to take that ketchup and maybe buy it all up and make you pay $200 an ounce for ketchup.

 What goes around comes around.


As a former and current "Revolutionary", I think you are seeing the truth in action.  Due to the way my states politics were constructed at the time, I was a registered Dem, but voted back and forth across party lines, depending on the candidate.  Until I got tired of being called a "Reagan Democrat" and changed my affiliation.  I have voted Republican ever since, even voting for GWB twice.  But the neocons have hijacked the party, and I say it is time that "we the people" elect someone who cares about this nation as more than a military power. (I'm not negating the importance of military strength, it just needs to be used wisely.) 

As for Rev. Wright, I feel Obama has handled that well, and in a way that will be healing for race relations across the land.  I love that he doesn't back down from his beliefs in the face of media pressure.  I love that he doesn't change his standards and message based on polls.  He keeps delivering his message, the same one he has believed in for years.  It's his time, Jaba.  It's our time. 

Of course, McCain seem to be getting quite Rad himself...

"Americans are also right to be offended when the extravagant salaries and severance deals of CEOs -- in some cases, the very same CEOs who helped to bring on these market troubles -- bear no relation to the success of the company or the wishes of shareholders," McCain said in prepared remarks provided by his campaign.

And the presumptive Republican nominee also has his share of criticism for the GOP, saying it has become too free-spending in Congress.

"In so many ways, we need to make a clean break from the worst excesses of both political parties. For Republicans, it starts with reclaiming our good name as the party of spending restraint. Somewhere along the way, too many Republicans in Congress became indistinguishable from the big-spending Democrats they used to oppose," he said.

McCain vows to veto excessive spending and to order a top-to-bottom review of the federal budget, with a one-year moratorium in increases in discretionary spending during the review.

"In my administration there will be no more subsidies for special pleaders, no more corporate welfare, no more throwing around billions of dollars of the people's money on pet projects, while the people themselves are struggling to afford their homes, groceries, and gas," McCain adds. "We are going to get our priorities straight in Washington -- a clean break from years of squandered wealth and wasted chances."

These are very encouraging words from the Rep candidate.  Of course, we have heard a lot of similar talk from both parties during an election cycle. I just find them a bit hard to believe, coming from one who surrounds himself with lobbyists. 

I do have a grudging respect for Karl Rove as a political operative. Republican Party has always been much better at framing Democrats. In the 80's it was affirmative action, welfare. I do hope the moderate wing of the party is able to rejuvenate itself after this election - the nomination of Mccain is an encouraging sign. Just a shame he has to pander to the far right, social conservatives.

I think more people are 'waking' up because of more access to information. The internet as made it possible for people to communicate faster and challenge things in real time. That is my biggest reason for supporting Sen.Obama, if he can manage to make government more transparent then that will be much better for citizens, journalist, advocacy groups to follow government actions.

I grudgingly have to agree with you Warsame. Rove was on a CSPAN event with two other guys and he does know how to manipulate (or persuade) very well. It was cute when asked how to advise the Democratic Party, the commentator said "Oh, if we can trust you will really say what you think". SAVVY!

I agree that's why I support Obama, too, because he seems like he works so hard to get the truth out there, and sometimes it seems he's hiding something, but the more you find out he has said something all along..we just hadn't heard it yet. Even the REV WRIGHT...that's been out there for a long time, just not on the radar.

If he can make government more transparent, I do believe we can have more trust. You get trust by giving trust!

Agreed....and you gain trust by being trustworthy!  By being open, honest, and truthful, even when it's not the pc thing to do.

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