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Welcome to the Buckeye State

By jpedaline - Posted on 29 April 2007

Why am I here you might ask?  Why would a registered republican be offering support for Barack Obama a democrat for President of the United States in the upcoming 2008 Election?  That is a complicated question with an easy answer; it is simply time for a change.  Let me be perfectly clear I am not changing; it is the party that I love that is changing. The Republican Party has alienated me, and I suspect you as well if you are visiting this blog.  I do support Barack Obama, and I am excited about what his message is thus far.  Let me be clear I don’t support Mr. Obama on every issue, but why I am so energized to help get this man’s message out is because he is right, we “agree” more than we “disagree” on the problems that face this country.  We might differ on exactly what the solution to the problem is, but I feel that this man is willing have a discussion, and more importantly invite myself a “Moderate Republican” to the table.  We need to work together in our politics, and this man is one of the only candidates that I feel demonstrates a willingness to work together.  So I am excited to follow his progress, and I look forward to many interesting discussions.

I hope to accomplish a few things by this Ohio RFO Blog:  

I want to ask the hard questions that I know Republicans care about. 


I want to keep an eye on all the candidates Democratic and Republican.


I want to know how issues will affect Obama the Primary and National Election.


I want to know how issues will affect the Republican Party.


I want to know how Barack Obama feels about issues that are important to Ohioans and the rest of the country.


I want to spread the message of hope that Barack Obama so eloquently describes, and use this forum as a place for us to come together on things we agree on.


Let’s use this forum to debate, and to discuss the issues that face our country and state with passion.  Without losing sight of the fact that here we are trying to find solutions to the problems that we face. We have more in common that we know, and in the spirit of Barack Obama, when we disagree let’s do so without being disagreeable.



It's like Pat Buchanan has said-- "I didn't leave the party, the party left me."

Just checking in with you guys .................. I live in W. Va. but could not find a group here so just decided to join up with you............. I'm on the Ohio River. I've been a Republican all my life, Past President County Republican Women's Club, ran headquarters for Reagan and Bush (THE President Bush as I call him, G. H. W. Bush). I'm now retired and spend most of my time on this computer - researching - Senator Barack Obama, that is. I hope not to offend anyone; however, I will be perfectly honest. I can't remember a more terrible, horrific period of time in the life of my party and the life of my country - far worse than the Nixon years. I have walked around this house lecturing my dog (Ha Ha - some day they will come to take me away) at almost everything this current administration has done and was reaching the point of sheer dispair. I have a beautiful grandson 3 years old and another on the way in June. All I could do was think of the debt and how could it possibly be retired (watched one of Nixon's finance men discuss a few months ago the fact that due to a lack of a clear proven economic policy, retirement of this debt could take in the range of 20 to 30 years. Terrorism has increased around the world due to our complete inept handling of response to the 9/11 attacks. Chief of the Army testified before Congress sometime last month that the Army will not be completely refit and rebuilt until at least 2012. Our standing among the nations of the world is so deminished. Some of the most offensive ads and campaigns I've ever seen since LBJ's ad against Goldwater, have been paid for and run by my party against opponents........ I won't go on, only to say, Yes, the Republican Party is not recognizeable - and has been replaced by this ultra conservative party and left no room for me. Enough of the down side............................the UP SIDE.....Senator Barack Obama. At age 67 I can safely say that one sees election cycles come and go and seldom sees a true candidate appear that says to your heart and convictions that "this is it", "this man is for real, supremely intelligent, true of heart, possessing plain old fashioned common sense, and very willing make a sincere attempt to change so many of the things that seem to constantly be dragging this country down". I have complete confidence in him and in the directions he sees for this country and it's citizens and his ability to pull people together towards common goals. I was thrilled to find out about his work with Senator Dick Lugar whom I hold in high esteem on nuclear proliferation....and that in fact Senator Lugar has been his mentor in this area, taking him to the countries of the old Soviet Union for a review of all the warehouses of deadly nuclear, chemical, biological waste and working toward the securing of same. After reading his policy speech "The American Moment", in Chicago last week I knew, for sure, he is on the right track. We can recapture that spirit of togetherness and "we can do it" that put this country back on it's feet after WWII; however, it takes a person with capabilities of real leadership abilities and who is willing to tackle the "tuff stuff".

I am re-energized ....... Barack Obama is that person and I am on board - right up to victory!!!!!!

/Carolyn K. Sterns


It's great to have you here, Carolyn.

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