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Obamacare is evil...but hey, where is MY government health care?

By Kelly Thomas - Posted on 17 November 2010

From TPM. Truly amazing that idiots like this can get away with an entire platform running and winning on anti-Obamacare, but have no hesistation to demand their own government-run health care once they are sworn into Congress. You can't make this stuff up!

Maryland physician Andy Harris (R) just soundly defeated Frank Kratovil, one of the most endangered Democrats on Capitol Hill going into the November election. And he did it in large part by railing against 'Obamacare' and pledging to repeal Health Care Reform. But when he showed on Capitol Hill today for an orientation for incoming members of Congress and their staffs, he had a different question: Where's my government health care?

According to Glenn Thrush of Politico, Harris created a stir at the orientation meeting by demanding to know why he had to wait a month after he was sworn in in January for his government-subsidized health care to kick in. After responding in a huff, he even asked if there was some way he could buy into the government care in advance, seemingly thinking there might be a government program similar to the so-called 'public option' championed by progressive Democrats in 2009.

According to an unnamed congressional staffer quoted by Thrush, Harris stood up at the meeting "and asked the two ladies who were answering questions why it had to take so long, what he would do without 28 days of health care."

During the campaign, Harris told voters, "the answer to the ever-rising cost of insurance is not the expansion of government-run or government-mandated insurance but, instead, common-sense market based solutions that ensure decisions are made by patients and their doctors."

On another note, it looks like the GPO finds that the health care reform act which passed will greatly improve our debt outlook IF the Republicans don't get their hands on it and try to repeal parts of it. 

A new non-partisan report finds that the cumulative effects of President Obama's health care reform package would be beneficial for the government's efforts at debt reduction if the law is implemented fully.

The U.S. Government Accountability Office put out a report on Monday afternoon that provides some welcome news for defenders of the Affordable Care Act and, perhaps, a bit of pause for those eager to overturn or de-fund the legislation. The debt is an increasingly dire crisis, the investigative arm of Congress found. But one thing alleviating the problem, though by no means eliminating it, is the health care reform package passed this past spring.

The federal government faces long-term fiscal pressures that predate the economic downturn and are driven on the spending side largely by rising health care costs and an aging population. GAO's simulations show continually increasing levels of debt that are unsustainable over the long-term. Under the Alternative simulation, debt held by the public as a share of GDP would exceed the historical high reached in the aftermath of World War II by 2020. Both of these simulations incorporate effects of health care legislation enacted in March 2010, which includes a number of provisions to control the growth of federal health care spending. There is a notable improvement in the long-term outlook under the Baseline Extended simulation, which assumes full implementation and effectiveness of cost control provisions.

Oh, and no healthcare thread would be complete without a reference to the lobby groups that turned something historic and positive for millions of Americans into an evil, bad thing. This makes me sick to my stomach.

Health insurers funneled $86.2 million through the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for its campaign opposing health care reform, Bloomberg reports. The money went to the Chamber through an intermediary, AHIP, which was the leading industry group opposing reform.

Watch Democrats NOT use this gem as the start of a messaging campaign to point up the need for affordable health care for all Americans, GUARANTEED by a gov't/private sector partnership.

They should make this guy a poster child for keeping health care reform.  Andy Harris could become a working synonym/irony for 'families in need'of health care support.

This was a gift. Dems are going to return it to the store unopened.

I only wish they had audio or video of him. People like him have no idea what it is like to go without healthcare for years as so many must-some wish they only had to wait a month for such a blessing.

Looks like some Progressive Democrats are trying to make an issue out of this (Amen! A few bold Democrats out there that actually jump at an opportunity!) Love it-they are asking the Anti-Obamacare elected officials to reject their own government health care if they think it is such a bad thing. Now, couldn't this have been a campaign issue? Dem's could have asked at every debate, in every ad: "Since you are so against Health Care reform, would you be willing to opt out of the government program offered if you win this election?" A day late and a dollar short! Again! Andy Harris is reportedly getting many questions about this from his local media and he cancelled a few appearances/ interviews. A good sign! Don't let it go away, Democrats. Repeat, repeat, repeat. He is the ultimate example-yes, poster child-of hyprocrisy (and there are so many!) 

All right. It's about time... come one, folks.  Right wing and moderates will tell you it won't work.  Try it for 2 months solid... then 2 more months and then see what you've got.


All right. It's about time... come one, folks.  Right wing and moderates will tell you it won't work.  Try it for 2 months solid... then 2 more months and then see what you've got.


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