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Happy 235th Birthday, Marines!

By TinSoldier - Posted on 10 November 2010


Semper Fi Marines!

One of my favorite Marine-related memories is of those recruitment ads around 1990-1991 with medieval knights, dragons, and chess boards.  They're still around on Youtube.  I've read that they inspired a lot of people to join up. 

Yes, those were awesome. The one where the Marine pulls the sword from the stone and then transforms into a Marine Officer with Dress Blues and the sword transforms into the Mameluke Sword (US Marines' Officers' Sword).

One of the coolest things when I went to the Sergeant's Course way back when was learning sword drill with the NCO sword. I wish I could have purchased my own. I never had a set of Dress Blues, either. *sigh* 

Contest of Honor





Thanks Tin!  Now I know where I can see them without doing a search.

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