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Palin is in GOP bullseye if She Falls Short

By Misty - Posted on 22 October 2010

Sarah Palin has unquestionably made her voice heard in this election cycle - but if the GOP falls short of taking back the Senate as most prognosticators expect, the Pride of Wasilla will take a hit from party leaders who think she turns off independents.


Palin is extremely unpopular among indie voters, especially in California. A recent Field Poll found that 69% of California independent voters have an unfavorable opinion of Palin. And independents are nearly a quarter of the California electorate.


"In fact, she didn't jump in and help a lot of these Tea Partiers until she took a reading of their chances," another GOP consultant said. "She was rather calculating about it."

She is in the bullseye of people who are shooting blanks.  Without the charisma, energy, and leadership of Palin/Beck/Dick Armeyet. al. the Republicans do not have a fraction of the momentum and press cooperation that they have now.  Who was going to stoak this fire that has been burning ceaselessly since the "death panels" of summer 2009?  Tim Pawlenty? John McCain? Mike Huckabee?  Mitt Romney?  Beck, Limbaugh, and Hannity are the fat a&&es throwing the lighter fluid on, but it was Palin who got off her seat and has been racing around the country building the constituency. Gingrich is a distant second, but he likes tv now more than he likes working the states and the precincts. 

Palin is beating Obama the way Obama beat Hillary Clinton:better energy, better desire, better connection, better visuals.

 If Boehner goes in as Majority Leader, he will probably want to grab leadership from her but if she is a strong presidential contender or prospect going into 2011 and he is not, even he could have a tough time taking her on.

There's an interesting article by Jonathan Martin on how she's wreaking havoc on the campaign trail with her offers that don't mesh with what candidates need, changing times, cancelling at the last minute, etc.  She snubbed both Sen. Grassley and Rep. King in IA; not a good thing if you want to start a presidential campaign there.  Of course, after the article came out she's tweeted that Martin is lying.  Time for that popcorn image Misty.

Even liberal journalists (i.e. Sally Quinn) admit that when they write about Palin, their readership hits skyrocket.  As long as this remains more true of Palin than any other conservatives, candidates -- big and small -- will keep begging for her help. 

She pushed Grassley around. Big deal. Apparently she pushed McCain around when his staff tried to get her to act like she was SECOND in command. She's a diva. Ok, she's a diva. These conservatives wouldn't put themselves through the agony if they didn't think it was worth it. 


If I were a Republican from Delaware it would be one more reason to be annoyed with Sarah Palin. She stuck her nose in a primary, and doesn't even have the class to stand by what she foisted upon Delaware. And, in the end caused the GOP to lose a Senate seat, and likely control of the Senate in the process.

 She's not coming O'Donnell.

The GOP held a big rally in Florida today. I heard there was an awkward moment when Palin gave a shout out to Marco Rubio and he had already left so he was not there to give the love back. Trust me, he can't reject her because she is such a great fundraiser but he wants nothing to do with her and any endorsement because he knows it will be trouble for him with Independents. Come on Palin, the guy is way ahead in the polls and you want to mess with that? I hope Crist or Meek can tie Palin/Rubio together in the final stretch and make this more of a race. She is loved by a small fragment of society but her negatives keep climbing. Good for fundraising and giving venom-filled speeches, but that's where her use ends. I do think she'll get some blame if the GOP can't pull out a major victory, even after all that special interest/Tea Party money came into the mix, but she'll blame the lamestream media or voter fraud to cover if she can get away with it. I think Steele will be the biggest target if the GOP can't achieve a solid victory. They have been looking for a reason to can him for a long time!
After the election, behind closed doors if not in public, she will be able to claim to Republicans that she laid it on the line for the victorious Rubio. Whether he is grateful or not is probably not relevant.  She will have to capitulate on O'Donnell, but if  Rubio, Paul, and especially Angle have big wins, she has some additional chips to play with.

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