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Personal observation from Texas

By Central TX Mom - Posted on 17 October 2010

I live in a red county, and I find it interesting that I have seen absolutely no yard signs for Rick Perry, but I have seen some for Bill White.  Mind you, there aren't very many yard signs out at all, so it doesn't look like many people are too excited at all, but I just would have expected to see something for Perry.

TV commercials seem pretty neck and neck in quantity for each of them.

We get to start early voting tomorrow, so I'll probably go vote at the library next weekend.

Perry is ahead in every single poll that has been conducted. Rasmussen has him ahead by double digits (53% to 42%). Other polls have him leading by is little as 5 points, but still not one poll shows White to be in the lead.

Bill White is a good candidate and in most years would have a really good shot at winning.  White was a good mayor and Houston prospered during his three terms.  

Rick Perry's record is seriously flawed when it comes to fiscal issues and management of state departments.  But Gov. Perry has done a brilliant job of nationalizing the governor's race and focusing on how he is standing up to a federal government that is against Texas.

Perry's whole strategy is that the federal government is run by Democrats, Obama's a Democrat and White's a Democrat. In 2010 Texas, this strategy is working amazingly well.


Honey, I know that, but apparently you missed my point.  While I know that it is probable that Perry will win, there isn't any excitement or interest in him.  People are ONLY voting for him because he is a Republican, not because they like him in the least.   As a matter of fact, I know a LOT of Republicans who despise him but are voting for him just because they have to and have no one else to vote for and couldn't ever vote for a Democrat under any circumstances whatsoever.

I think I know just a bit more about Texas than you do, sugar.

I wasn't trying to one up you on knowledge of Texas, so forgive me dear if that was the way you took my post.

I was just making the point that in most other election years, I think Bill White would probably win since he is the superior candidate.  But in 2010, the Democratic label is so toxic in a red state like Texas that the Republican will likely win no matter what.  

I know a lot of Republicans who say they are voting for Bill White. We live in a red county and have hundreds of Bill White signs. I've only seen one Perry sign other than those attached to the Republican headquarters. Even my neighbor, who is a yellow dog Republican, says he is fed up with Perry and is voting for Bill White.

I'm seeing way more Bill White signs/bumper stickers, but then we are the demon "Progressives" here in Houston.  

Your points are all well-taken. I guess the outcome will depend on one thing: what will the voters do when they pull the curtain behind them and are in the privacy of the voting booth? Will they vote for the better candidate (in this case, clearly Bill White) despite the D next to his name or will they just vote straight Republican because people like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck tell them to? The fact that people are openly supporting White via signs unlike Perry does say alot, despite the polls. I might call that one way to judge the "enthusiasm" out there. Maybe those with signs are more likely to vote, who knows?

I just shake my head when I see people like Perry or Vitter ahead in polling when people KNOW they are terrible candidates, some even admit it. But then I see the philosophy of Brandon, who proabably speaks for many, who has come out and said he just wants Republicans to have a majority no matter who the winning candidates are. If a Sharron Angle or Christine O'Donnell sneaks in, so be it. Their toxic, extreme positions mean less than the fact that an R is filling the seat to get some kind of magical check and balance on the fictional "liberal" Congress & President (as if that has not been in place already judging from the fillibuster-mania that the minority party plays on every vote.) Brandon is extremely intelligent but stands his ground on the reasons he will pretty much vote straight Republican. I hope he does examine the positions of the R's before he votes, especially any tea party candidates-and make adjustments to his vote as needed, but I won't hold my breath. It's hard for me to pass judgement on the "straight Republican" vote Brandon has promised since I plan to vote straight Democrat again this time. However, I have done research on each candidate and even the Blue Dog types who frustrate me will generally support the President's agenda a whole lot more than the Republican candidate, which is satisfying to me. It's so sad that even in "blue" New York, I can't find any moderate GOP candidates I can support this time around. Many Republican candidates are filled with anti-Muslim talk, anti-gay rhetoric, and use annoying terms like Obamacare and Stop Pelosi. They talk about the deficit but want to extend Bush tax cuts for the rich and won't say how they will pay for it.

I don't have much of a vote in this year's elections. Neither of Tennessee's Senate seats are up this year and my Congressional district is so Republican that the Democrats only put up token opposition.  We do have a governor's race, but the Republican is clearly the best candidate.  So I'm not faced with having to vote for any of the "weirder" GOP nominees.

Kelly, maybe you missed this but I have previously stated that I would vote for Bill White if I lived in Texas.  Once Rick Perry started talking about secession, he lost all credibility with me.

There is nothing I want more than to see our party take back the Senate and the House, but we have nominated some candidates that have crossed a line that would make me unable to vote for them.



This may help Bill White:

The Bryan-College Station Eagle reasoned: "Because of the Governor's interference, A&M's reputation as a first-class university is eroding and there is grave danger that the school will be unable to attract the best faculty in the future. Why any Brazos Co. voter, why any loyal Aggie would vote for Rick Perry is beyond us."


Brandon-I do recall your support for Bill White and even Jerry Brown (how can I forget?-your endorsements shocked me and either means you really connect with the Democrat or the opponent is pretty bad.) But I didn't recall you stating that any Democrat in Tennessee gets a thumbs-up from you so my assumption was that you were voting straight Republican, and that you felt you could rationalize your "philosophy" of getting the GOP back in power. I guess my issue is just that so many voters are basically rewarding Republicans for saying no. For doing everything in their power to prevent this economy from advancing just to make it seem like the president "failed." I mean even blocking a small business bill, bills with tax cuts, playing no role in trying to negotiate health care reform (if they are so set on repeal and replace-why did they not try to work in their ideas during the long, drawn out process?) And I don't want to reward a party who thinks nothing of having the tax-payers pay for the BP spill as they apologize to BP for the president holding them accountable. i realize special interests work on both sides but the GOP has been so obvious with their love affair of Wall Street and Oil lobbyists it's pathetic. They are against tax incentives President Obama wants to set forth which reward companies that keep jobs here rather than overseas. How can anyone even pretend they care about the middle class? What is their big push right now? Extend Bush tax cuts for the rich. So it's frustrating that they have gotten away with this and will be getting a pat on the back for their nonsense by an electorate who is so impatient with progress and results. I mean how many years in the making was the mess we see now and people think the President and Congress can work magic in less than 2 years? So we will bring back the abusive spouse without hesitation while we know their policies will just get us in a bigger mess, hurt consumers. Brandon-do you really want to support a party who wants to give tax breaks to the rich knowing it will increase the deficit 3 times more than the stimulus bill they (and you) complain about and none of them can express any ways to pay for it? The GOP as usual has been brilliant in deceiving the public. Marketing mastery before our eyes. The GOP in Congress is even less popular than the Democrats in Congress yet they are comfortably predicting a pick up of 60 seats in the House because they have convinced people that the stimulus, health care reform, and even Wall Street reform are evil. They are winking at the special interests, telling them they've got their back, while they pretend to be for average people. Sorry, it's just frustrating that most have blinders on to what I see as so plain and obvious. And it just adds to my frustration when the party embraces extremists and has to throw in divisive issues like building a mosque and gay-rights (i thought they wanted less government involvement.?)  I can only hope that voters are educated and thoughtful in how they vote and don't just vote based on negative ads and emotion. I can hope, can't I?

From TPM. Apparently the DOJ is investigating multiple complaints of voter intimidation in Texas. CTM, TG, & Kim-are you hearing much about this? Do you think Perry was behind the voting machine fires? Sounds like Republicans are getting nervous in Texas (and elsewhere) and trying to scare people away from the voting booth. Personally, I think Democrats should highlight this and it could backfire on Republicans. Between this nonsense and the ad telling Hispanics not to vote (tied to GOP forces) this may just fire up minorities to get out and vote and send a strong message about the impact the minority vote could have. I heard a press conference yesterday with a Hispanic leader saying he expects a million more Hispanics to vote this year than in 2008. That seems like wishful thinking, but if that happens many of the races could be turned on their heads.

Poll watchers in Harris County, Texas -- where a Tea Party group launched an aggressive anti-voter fraud effort -- were accused of "hovering over" voters, "getting into election workers' faces" and blocking or disrupting lines of voters who were waiting to cast their ballots as early voting got underway yesterday.

Now, TPMMuckraker has learned, the Justice Department has interviewed witnesses about the alleged intimidation and is gathering information about the so-called anti-voter fraud effort.

"We are currently gathering information regarding this matter," Justice Department spokeswoman Xochitl Hinojosa said in a statement confirming the Civil Rights Division's involvement.

Harris County, the biggest county in the state, is where a Tea Party group called the King Street Patriots launched an anti-voter fraud initiative called "True the Vote," which recruited poll watchers and amped up fears over groups like the community organizing group ACORN.

Chad Dunn, a lawyer who is representing the Texas Democratic Party, told TPMMuckraker a number of witnesses have been interviewed by Civil Rights Division lawyers already. "We've gotten a number of reports -- quite a few out of the Houston area -- that poll watchers, King Street Patriot training poll watchers, are following a voter after they've checked them out and stand right behind them," Dunn said. There's at least a dozen reports that they could confirm with witnesses, he said. "Interestingly, it's all in the polling places in Hispanic and African-American areas," he added.

Terry O'Rourke, the first assistant in the Harris County Attorney's office, told TPMMuckraker that there have been allegations of poll watchers talking to voters, which they are not allowed to do, as well as hovering over voters as they are waiting to vote. He said the complaints came from Kashmere Gardens, Moody Park, Sunnyside and other predominantly minority neighborhoods of the county.


That is just disgusting!  The Tea Party types give lip service to the Constitution while shredding it with their actions. Freedom depends on fair elections and an unbiased media. Heaven help us!

Been out of touch so hadn't heard.  I'm going to get by my early voting place soon because I won't be able to vote on election day.

I'm ready to fight anyone who tries to harass me; however, I doubt my location is one of the targeted ones.  Perhaps I'll keep my phone ready to take pics or video, though, in case I see anything abnormal....


Haven't seen voter intimidation stories, but there is this:

Teacher Retirement System denies allegations of political influence on investments

Pension fund, Perry say 2009 investigation cleared governor's appointees on board.

The Teacher Retirement System of Texas on Tuesday denied charges that board members and supporters of Gov. Rick Perry had improperly influenced investment decisions at the $102 billion pension fund.

The allegations surfaced late Monday, when an internal retirement system memo was leaked to the campaign of Bill White, the Democrat challenging Perry in the Nov. 2 election.


Glad to see that the Teacher Retirement System of Texas investigated itself and found no wrongdoing!  Whew!

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