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Reid v. Angle in their only debate

By Misty - Posted on 14 October 2010

Angle: We have a choice between the free market and Americanism!



Harry's getting mugged... He showed up ready for tea and crumpets, she showed up ready for a bar room brawl.

She accuses him to be corrupt and he barely shows any emotion?

I think we just loss Nevada.

Oh, this will be good on the evening of November 2nd: Ladies and gentleman, we can now declare a winner in Nevada: With 99% of the precincts reporting, "None of the Above" wins with 60% of the vote! I did not watch the entire thing, but saw this livewire from TPM and if you look at their final comment, maybe the debate was a draw and it will not change the dynamics of the race, which means we have a virtual tied up race at this point, slight advantage to Angle.

9:43 PM: TPM Reader JB writes in: "The tough part for Reid is refuting Angle's falsehoods without sounding unbelievable himself or, worse, like a condescending bully." Yep.

9:45 PM: I wonder if this claim about Ashjian is going to hurt her. Promising him special favors to get out of the race? That's the same access as every voter will have? Not sure about that.

9:49 PM: I get that I'm becoming a broken record on this one. But God, just lie after lie. The whole point of the HCR bill is that you can buy from multiple vendors. Ugh. You sort of have to have heard Angle's response. But classic up-is-downism.

9:53 PM: Economy is doing so poorly because of looming threat of non-extension of Bush tax cuts. Genius.

9:55 PM: I thought Reid was joking when he said he needed to pull his notes and paper together to give his final statement. I guess not.

9:58 PM: And that's all she wrote. On first blush, looking at comments on Twitter and reader emails, I think Reid did a bit better than people are giving him credit for. Angle simply ignored most of the point where she was asked about various false statements. But in general I don't get the sense that anything that happened in this debate was really enough to change the dynamics of the race. If you don't already get that Angle is nuts, I don't think there was anything is this debate that was going to convince. Reid showed he understands the issues and has realistic responses. But again, if that mattered to you, you'd already be voting him. The fact that both candidates speak English as a second language only made things a bit more painful.


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