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Welcome Back, Rahm

By Misty - Posted on 06 October 2010

Rahm hasn't been a full time Chicago resident for many years. At least since '92. That will be a problem for him.

Dang, I think Rahm is so sexy.

Rahm has lived in Chicago since 1992. He worked in the Clinton WH til about '96 or '97. He then worked as an investment banker for a few years making millions. Which I also think is when he came back home(I'm from the area). He was elected to Congress in 2003 from the 5th district. When then President-elect Obama asked Rahm to be his COS he hesitated because he did not want to move his family to D.C. and of course his position in the Democratic leadership. During his time in Congress Rahm did not move his family to D.C. I remember days after the election and the rumor of Rahm as COS, the local news was following Rahm all over the city.  Rahm hasn't lived in Chicago since he and his family moved to D.C. in 2009. I think the problem is you must be a resident or still have a residence in Chicago to run for office. Rahm rented his house when he left in 2009 and that could be a problem.

I think Rahm is soooooo sexy too.  Even though I'm a lesbian, whenever I see him I cannot stop staring.


Careful there, Mliggs!  If the religious right groups get word of this, they will start using Rahm's picture to "Cure the Gay!" LOL!

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