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and down goes NutMeg!

By Misty - Posted on 29 September 2010

Housekeeper of 9 years fired after the woman asked for help to get a green card PLUS

Social Security Administration allegedly contacted Whitman about Social Security # indiscretions many times... and she never did anything about it.

I guess Whitman felt the same way about it that she did about voting... She had no time.

  They need to set up infrared and motion detectors at Whitman's home.  Hypocrisy, at times, is a beautiful thing.

Michelle Malkin is pissed at Meg Whitman. I'm shocked that she didn't fall in line and defend Whitman.

Oh dear, I need to go take a shower now after reading Malkin's post.

I know the lawyer Gloria Allred is all about drama and high-profile cases but I don't think she'd take this on if she did not have a case. Whitman's statement after the press conference acts like she hurt by her "friend" (the housekeeper.) But if this woman was such a close friend, why would she kick her out rather than try to help her become a citizen? Surely, all her money and power could have some influence. Something is fishy here. I think it falls on the employer to check records, doesn't it?  If the maid falsified records, that's one thing. But maybe Whitman just looked the other way and took advantage of this woman in the process.

"Nicky Diaz was my housekeeper from 2000 to 2009. We consider Nicky a friend of our family and were saddened this morning to hear about her legal action.

After 9 years of faithful service, Nicky came to us in June 2009 and confessed that she was an illegal worker. Nicky had falsified the hiring documents and personal information she provided to the employment agency that brought her to us in 2000. Nicky told me that she was admitting her deception now because she was aware that her lie might come out during the campaign. Nicky said she was concerned about hurting my family and me.

As required by law, once we learned she was an illegal worker, I immediately terminated Nicky's employment. It was one of the hardest things I've ever done. I considered Nicky a friend and a part of our extended family.

I am deeply worried about Nicky and her family. I believe Nicky is being manipulated by Gloria Allred for political and financial purposes during the last few weeks of a hotly contested election. This is a shameful example of the politics of personal destruction practiced by people like Jerry Brown and Gloria Allred. The charges are without merit. I will continue to focus my campaign on the issues that the people of California want to hear about: jobs, education and fixing our broken budget system in Sacramento."


There are a lot of Hispanic voters in California. Who are going to see this. They will not be happy.

Cambiando California, an independent expenditure committee launched by Service Employees International Union, said it will spend $5 million against Whitman, the Republican nominee.

In an ad to start airing Saturday in Fresno and Los Angeles, a narrator says, "Whitman attacks undocumented workers to win votes, but an undocumented woman worked in her home for nine years," according to a translation provided by the campaign. The ad also criticizes Whitman for having as her campaign chairman former Gov. Pete Wilson, who remains unpopular with many Latinos.

Whitman said earlier Thursday that she and her husband never got the letter, which noted a discrepancy in Santillan's Social Security number.


Allred has released a copy of a purported 2003 letter notifying Whitman that her employee might be an illegal immigrant. Attorney Allred says Nicky Diaz Santillan kept the letter from the Social Security Administration after Whitman's husband partially filled it out and told the housekeeper to deal with it.

A message left with the Whitman campaign was not immediately returned.

I noticed Meg had posted her husband on Ebay earlier today, and someone had already bid twenty bucks!!

AP: For two days, Whitman forcefully denied receiving any such letter and said she fired the $23-an-hour housekeeper last year immediately after learning she was illegal. But Whitman's husband changed course Thursday after a letter surfaced with what appeared to be his handwriting, forcing him to say he may have been aware of the correspondence back in 2003.

Now, the focus is on whether the billionaire GOP nominee for governor will take a polygraph test to respond to allegations brought by a celebrity-seeking attorney and her mysterious housekeeper client.

Not looking good for Whitman. Seriously? $23 per hour with all the money she is made of? When I saw her forcefully denying these things in the media, I was waiting for this moment. Allred doesn't just take any case. Perhaps Whitman's hubby could have warned her a bit? And aren't there accusations of abuse over those years, at least mentally? Those stories have yet to surface. I know Whitman had a case against her of pushing an employee awhile back, so her reputation is not strong here.

If nothing else, it will bring the illegal immigration issue to light and maybe convince elected officials to actually address it in a comprehensive way. It would not surprise me if many of these anti-immigration advocates have had illegals working for them in the past. This may be just the tip of the iceberg.

Um, $23/hour is a lot of money. Heh, maybe I should become a maid!

 my sister cleans houses for a living and she gets 120 for houses that take her 3-4 hours to clean.  That is average money for the trade.  Keep in mind no benefits, no paid time off and if you get hurt no disability.


"Peace Cannot be kept by force.  It can only be achieved by understanding."

Albert Einstein

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