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OMG, It's a Train Wreck!

By Misty - Posted on 02 September 2010

What's are they doing in Arizona? Shoveling headless bodies off the sidewalks?


oh my... did I hear crickets?

And yet this woman will likely still get another term. How can voters be so dumb? Her debate intro makes Sarah Palin and Sharon Angle look like geniuses. That was really awkward to watch. I don't want to be too tough on that speech blunder as we can all understand those moments to some extent and nerves must have played a big part. But it makes you wonder if she is just so over-confident she did not prep much or at all. Maybe next time she should follow Palin's lead and write her talking points on her hand! (OK-maybe I am being too harsh.) I do think it's fair game to be harsh on her non-answer to her making up beheading stories. It seems like a simple:

"I got the wrong info" 

"I misspoke."

"No-there weren't any beheadings. if you come to Arizona, chances are you'll arrive with your head and leave with your head."

Heck, saying "I misremembered it" might work better than skirting the issue altogether!

Yet-she refuses to answer during the debate and she just pulls an Angle and runs away when the media dare ask a legit question? Bizarre and a horrible ending to an awful night for her.

Larry, Barry, Terry...

...and Scary.

She sure did appear to be stoned as anyone I have ever seen... whatever she's smoking legalize it!

How can voters be so dumb?

This question has been asked repeatedly after every primary in which a Tea Party candidate has won. What will it take to wake these people up??? ...the end of Social Security??? ...the end of Medicare??? ...war with Iran??? ...the end of public schools??? ...the end of food inspections??? ...the end of regulations for Wall Street??? ...enduring the full effects of global warming???  Pass the Kool-Aid!

As a woman, this is beyond embarrassing. As soon as we make major strides, someone like Brewer - or Palin - or Angle - come along and bring back all the stereotypes of women that we have tried so hard to overcome.

My sentiments EXACTLY!  Seems like for every two steps women take forward toward being taken seriously, we take one step back, and here it's thanks to members of our own gender. 


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