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America ready for a double minority ticket? Your thoughts.

By Native Texan - - Posted on 05 April 2008

Personally I like Bill Richardson, but the question remains, is America ready for a double minority ticket?  I like the idea, however, someone more like Sen. Chuck Hagel might be better for an electable ticket.


Although Bill Richardson's foreign affairs experience is a positive!    


Richardson would guarantee Obama New Mexico and really help with Colorado and Nevada. It would also help with the hispanic vote in Florida. I think it'd be a good move, because I think the areas where people would get all upset about a double minority ticket, those areas are going to go "red" anyway. But I don't really know.


I didn't dig Bill Richardson until he endorsed Obama, even though, as I might have said before, there was STRONG Iowa support during our caucus for Richardson and when he wasn't deemed viable (according to caucus rules) most came over to Obama or to Edwards, not Hillary. When Richardson said "

"I have a white name, a Mexican mother, and I look like an Indian."   I thought that was adorable! Also, how he's getting trashed by Clintons, to scare every other superdelegate to stay put, he's coming out looking even better, and honest.

I don't see a problem with two "minorities" on one ticket, because when you think about it, all the rules are gone now anyway. I say the choice should be someone who can bring something to the table. Richardson would be a great choice...although the hottest ticket would be Hagel, a Republican who is totally ticked off at Bush and the fiasco of the WAR!

Honestly, I really believe that his greatest talents are wasted as VP.  He would do a phenomenal job of restoring the dignity and honor of the US as our Secretary of State.  Frankly, I am sad that Edwards is refusing any discussion of VP.  Perhaps he is just a pretty boy with a big ego, after all.  With his fighting brilliance and Obama's eloquence they could do amazing and miraculous things for our country.   I think that it would be wonderful to shake up our broken political system by getting someone like Hagel on a two party ticket.  What a way to truly drive home the concept of loyalty to country and people first ahead of party affiliation? 

With the anti-immigrant hatreds being promoted by Lou Dobbs, Limbaugh and others, Richardson may just be the straw that breaks the camel's back of racial tolerance.  I apologize for my pessimism.  It has been a rough couple of days for me as a Democrat. 


i also think Hagel would be an awesome choice for VP. That would really turn conventional wisdom on its ear. Richardson could also accomplish a lot more as Secretary of State than he could as VP.
I think Richardson would be a wise choice. The Clinton's are already making signs: Obama/Pilate 2008!!! I do agree he might be better suited as Secretary of State. I feel like pinching myself that we are talking about this with the very real possibility Obama will be the nominee and he'll need to move to this phase before we know it (well, this campaign seems endless and Clinton will surely pull out her full bag of tricks before she gives up but if we are patient everything will fall into place, I'm sure!)

"but if we are patient ......"

I'll just take that on faith. ; )

Izzy, patience has never been one of my  The longer this goes on, the more disillusioned I become with the other candidates.  Well, with McCain anyway, Hillary has always frightened me, even as First Lady.  If Obama doesn't win the nomination,  I am beginning to doubt if I can vote for either of the other two.  It's a really scary thought to me.  I really  feel that this is one of the most important elections we have faced, and if HRC or McCain goes into office, we may well be in deep trouble. 

Maybe I am just exhausted from the last few days in my real life, and need rest and a fresh perspective.  Or a good dose of leatherneck's faith! 


I understand completely.  While I was absorbing the full content of all the MLK memorials and documentaries, I submitted a posting similar to one I posted here at RFO to blog site and later on Saturday they removed my posting even though there had been several postings in response to mine, but worse, they notified me that I was no longer allowed to post to the site.  Needless to say, I feel like a person without a country. 

Faith is the answer.  I truly worry about the fact that peaceful dissent is not welcome in my party's website.  There is a willful aspect to not allowing any factual information to be presented against Clinton.  Apparently she and her supporters are very upset over criticism and dissent.  They are probably afraid that if their members start to think and start to research claims, that they will lose.  When it comes to big money, the likes of which the elite is accustomed to, I should not be surprised at these tactics.  Maybe the McCarthey like charges were relevant after all.

He who has hope has everything.


Wow, I believe you, but that is hard to believe they took off  your posts. Obama is a Democrat so how does this make sense? You think just doesn't want any disagreement period? That is nuts, because that is what is taking place right now, period.

How bizzare. And you shouldn't feel like a person without a country. Heck, I am on this REPUBLICANS FOR OBAMA Island, right now, caught between two parties, and the weather here is beautiful, wish you were here!!!!!

Maggie, more than likely the reason you were taken to task at that particular site is because it represents the formal Democratic Party, which does not endorse a specific candidate until a nominee is selected. Republicans For Obama, by its definition, is biased in support of a lone candidate, therefore, there is a conflict. The barbs about McCarthyism is extreme.

<There is a willful aspect to not allowing any factual information to be presented against Clinton.  Apparently she and her supporters are very upset over criticism and dissent. >

Maggie, for some reason, the Clinton's wield a lot of power within the party, although that seems to be slipping a bit.  Do you think that the Clinton faction is the one responsible for the censorship at the website?   HRC has much to hide, and I would think that the last place she would want some things open to scrutiny would be on the Dem website, where those who may support her can read it, and research things on their own.

I'm in no way trivializing your feelings, but please don't feel like a person without a country.  You have a political home here, where most of us seem to live just outside of the borders of what we always considered our home countries...our party.  But this "country" is beautiful, with fresh air to breathe, and the sunshine of hope for a better tomorrow.  I like residing here, and am happy you have come here too.

I think that you and I both have our emotions tied up with our politics.  For me, it is not just about strategy and numbers.  It is about people, the children and the future.  I cannot be dispassionate about it.  I have often been told that I lead with my heart.  So be it.  That is who I am.  I think, without knowing you, that you are much the same.  I hope that you always care as much as you do now.  I love you for it!


Thanks so much for your kind words.  I love you too.  You are right, I wll likely lead with my heart as well.  As a mother, I can not be disconnected from the real dangers and concerns that our children and future grandchildren will face. 

I would like to point out that Keith Olberman did a very fine delineation of McCain's false claims of concern for the military man and woman.  He pointed out that McCain voted against funding for the VA and that he refuses to support the new GI Bill .  He also covered other information that clearly separates the man's reputation from his actions.  The actions do not support his personal thesis that he supports the military.  This was my ray of hope today and I hope that they continue to expose these truths about McCain as well as Clinton.

Does anyone know what Chris Matthews reported on today?  Completely missed the show......  Is he still veiling his disdain for Obama and still pretending that he doesn't like Clinton? 

The improving poll numbers for Obama give me hope as well.  Hope springs eternal......

God Bless you Suzi.  You were definitely my angel today.  I hope someday that I get to meet you.


Actually, Leatherneck,

 The post was mild in comparison to many others posted.  My posting did not involve raw or fowl language, but in general, the site blog is represented by supporters of both sides making their arguments for or against the two candidates.  My posting did not include anything about McCarthy. 

It did criticize some of the strategy used by the party, but I have had many experienced people in the party tell me that the argument I made was a very good argument and did not violate any of the blog rule.

Oh well, hope springs eternal.  I have to agree with many on this site that Obama may very well represent the last hope we have of regaining our country out of the hands of greed motivated systems and back into the hands of the American people.


Ummm, I made no reference or accusation about anyone's post being inflammatory. What the official site of the Democratic Party agrees on is that there is a single competitor to beat, that being McCain. By interjecting Republicans For Obama into that mix, I can understand why your views may have been excluded, just as other unaffiliated, unofficial 3rd-party support groups would be.


 Your comments are valid and correct, but my post did not reference RFO in any way.  I did not think you were accusing.  I was just clarifying.  I posted as a Democratic member, nothing more. 


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