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Harris County voting machines destroyed in fire

By Kim Miller - Posted on 27 August 2010

Harris County, Texas -- county where Houston is located, with a population of 4 million people -- lost ALL of its voting machines in a three alarm fire today

Now, I try to stay away from conspiracy theories but sometimes I can't help but let my mind wander...

Houston is turning very blue; Bill White for Governor stickers FAR outnumber Rick Perry stickers.  Please tell me I'm just letting my imagination get the best of me.

One can only hope your imagination is running away with you.  Is your primary this week, and will you have to use paper ballots or what?  hmmmmmmmmm

Amazing that Hayworth has refused to call and congratulate McCain after [3] days.

Bitter, table for one.

Misty, I was not surprised to hear that, and was doing news searches to see whether McCain had received any congratulations from his opponent. I guess not. Tisk tisk.

Kim I do hope it is just your imagination. I hate the very thought that someone could be deliberately interfering in a legitimate democratic election in this manner.

I was so worried about voting machine issues on the day of President Obama's election, but his win made me feel a little better. I hope this is just a coincidence but you never know, especially if Perry is getting nervous (so glad to hear your reports on Bill White BTW.) As for Hayworth, that does not surprise me. Looks like there are other unity issues in Florida and Alaska. If Murkowski loses, I can't imagine her endorsing Palin's tea party guy, but would she go so far as to endorse the Democrat?

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