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Obama and the military

By Barbara Gordon - Posted on 27 April 2007

If you missed it, Obama laid out his platform on foreign policy on Monday.

To summarize, here are his five points, excerpted from his remarks:

"The first way America will lead is by bringing a responsible end to this war in Iraq and refocusing on the critical challenges in the broader region...

The second way America will lead again is by building the first truly 21st century military and showing wisdom in how we deploy it...

The third way America must lead again is by marshalling a global effort to meet a threat that rises above all others in urgency – securing, destroying, and stopping the spread of weapons of mass destruction...

The fourth way America must lead is to rebuild and construct the alliances and partnerships necessary to meet common challenges and confront common threats...

The fifth way America will lead again is to invest in our common humanity – to ensure that those who live in fear and want today can live with dignity and opportunity tomorrow..."

The only surprise here is within point number two, in which Obama went on to describe how he would expand and improve the military, adding nearly 100,000 troops and increasing recruitment standards. This will appeal to military supporters of both parties, some of whom had feared that Obama would scale-back our armed forces.

With regard to your second point, it seems to me that Obama has no choice but to say he would increase the number of troops.  Out of all the major candidates, he is the one that comes across as the most anti-military, rightly or wrongly, because all the others supported the Iraq war.

Barack's Kansas Grandfather signed up the 1st day of WWII, his Grandmother became a "Rosie the Riveter".   These grandparents raised him from the time he was in the 5th grade in Hawaii until he graduated from High School.  As I see him visit VFW's around the country I see his respect for the veterans and his Grandfather's service and he has shown in legislation his support of Veterans. But a major thought is found in his statement, "I am not against ALL wars, I am against DUMB wars".    The more I think about it, the more I have decided he sounds just like my General of the Army and President,  Dwight David Eisenhower (Waging Peace).   Republican, that is.

Barack's support of a strong military is honest; further, his analysis of being against a dumb war is wise and extremely important to the future of this country, to say the least ........sounds perfect to me.  


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