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Democrat now leads in FLA Gov. race

By Minngirl - Posted on 21 July 2010

I was pleased to see tonight that a woman candidate, Alex Sink, now leads over both McCollum and Scott in PPP polling.  McCollum was one of the first state attorney generals to file suit over the healthcare bill, and Scott a former health care executive was responsible for some nasty ads about it.  She leads McCollum 37-23% and Scott 36-30%.  Lawton Chiles son, Bud Chiles is running as an independent, but they're encouraging him to step aside so it wouldn't "siphon" off Sink's vote.  I've been hoping that the Democrats could find a good candidate as the two Republicans have "too much baggage to lose" for the election.

Could it be McCollum's ties to the former head of the state Republican Party who have been indicted for financial irregularities?

June 6th

Florida's recently ousted Republican Party chief was indicted on Wednesday on fraud, theft and money laundering charges in the latest embarrassment stemming from the party's fundraising practices.

Florida Republicans quickly distanced themselves from Greer. Attorney General Bill McCollum, who is seeking the Republican nomination for governor...

Alex Sink would make a wonderful governor.

FL GOP Primary RAW -- Oh, dear!

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