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Teabagger Defined

By lephead - Posted on 05 July 2010

This just came across my facebook page and I know some of you would get a kick out of it.

Teabagger defined......
T otally
E nraged
A bout
B lacks
A nd
G ays
G etting
E qual
R ights

Well, until they prove you wrong with some actual policy/belief documents-and call out the racists and gay-bashers amongst them-this sterotype will prevail, justified or not.

Here's my try:

T hank you Koch Industries for

E nriching

A nd

B ankrolling


G ullible

G roup of

E rroneously-lead

R ebels


On a more serious note, a thought provoking piece on the Tea Party.  We ignore them at our own peril it seems.
It's scary that the anti-Hispanic Arizona laws were crafted by the John Birch Society and no one sees that as a red flag.
Do you have a credible source that says the Arizona immigration policy was "crafted by the John Birch Society'?

Have no idea if this is the work of Tea Partiers, or some form of misguided individuals, but there are email hoaxes announcing five different Senators as being deceased -- four of them are Dems, the fifth is Kay Bailey Hutchison who the extreme members of the Rep party like to villify for being too moderate. 

Interesting tidbit is that the emails are made to look like press releases and are apparently hard to identify as hoaxes. 

It's a pretty pointless hoax though.  It's pretty to easy to prove that someone's alive. 

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