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The GOP - A Future

By NotforObamaHere - Posted on 25 June 2010

How is it that we get the GOP back to where it used to stand. In my opinion, the only way that this is accomplished is by doing three simple steps.

A) Moving to the the far right on fiscal issues.
B) Moving to the far left on social issues.
C) Becoming a libertarian, constitunionalist party.

If we follow your advice then we will quickly start losing all 50 states in future elections.

Most Americans believe that the government does have some role in providing economic security to citizens who for whatever reason can't take care of themselves.

Moving to the far left on social issues will immediately throw the South (fastest growing part of the country) back to the Democrats.

Most people realize that pure libertarianism may look good on paper but doesn't work in the real world. 

Brandon is on the right track. My solution:

Move moderate on fiscal issues: we are getting out of a deep recession-extending unemployment will help the economy and help get rid of the "white rich guy who doesn't care about the little guy" image they have mastered. If they want to reduce the deficit, be open to tax increases for the rich and spending cuts in defense. Try to wind down these wars so we can save money!

Be progressive and open minded on social issue. Stop the anti-gay stuff and "Stupak kills babies" stuff.

Don't further alienate the minorities-maybe even reach out to them in real, not fake, ways. Minorities can tell the difference. HELP pass comprehensive immigration reform and stop talking about fences and stereotypes.

Avoid liberatarianism at all costs. It will be your doom. As Brandon says, feels good but not a functional approach.

Stop fillibustering everything. Roll up your sleeves and help get things done!

Running on repealing health care reform will not win you majorities. Discuss real issues and your solutions, don't just be Anti-Obama

Distance yourself from the Tea Party, Rush, Beck, etc.-the sooner the better!



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