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Boxer vs. Fiorina

By Misty - Posted on 11 June 2010

Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina carried the state, among Republican voters, but she lost to Campbell in a few interesting counties - San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara and Santa Cruz. Guess where HP is based and had (and still has) a lot of employees. Silicon Valley is essentially Santa Clara county, Santa Cruz and San Mateo are adjacent. Fiorina lives in Santa Clara county. With her records of worker hatred... There's not much respect for her in those parts.

Barbara Boxer launches 'Fiorina Facts'

Carly Fiorina is vicious. Barbara Boxer needs to show once again she is the ultimate warrior.

Boxer should have a commercial starring lots of workers who got laid off from HP during Fiorina's reign.  They should state that the company lost X number of dollars, they got laid off, and Fiorina walked away with X number of dollars.
Fiorina caught on open mic bashing Boxer's hair and wondering why Whitman would go with the likes of Hannity for her first interview. Boxer leads in a recent poll by 5 points.

 "Fiorina caught on open mic bashing Boxer's hair"

haha i love american politics. This "story" got thousands of comments in Huffington Post

Fiorina regrets mocking her opponent's hair but still won't apologize for the gaffe.

 Fiorina is being pegged as "the mean girl" of politics. --- ABC News

From MSNBC. In the California Governor race, Whitman may not be catty but apparently she has some aggression in her.

WASHINGTON - During her 10 years as chief executive of eBay, Meg Whitman, the Republican candidate for governor of California, was known as a demanding leader who did not hesitate to express displeasure with employees who failed to live up to her standards.

But on one occasion, she was accused of going too far — and paid for it.

In June 2007, an eBay employee claimed that Ms. Whitman became angry and forcefully pushed her in an executive conference room at eBay’s headquarters, according to multiple former eBay employees with knowledge of the incident. They spoke on the condition of anonymity because the matter was delicate and was deemed to be strictly confidential.

The employee, Young Mi Kim, was preparing Ms. Whitman for a news media interview that day. Ms. Kim, who was not injured in the incident, hired a lawyer and threatened a lawsuit, but the dispute was resolved under the supervision of a private mediator.

Two of the former employees said the company paid a six-figure financial settlement to Ms. Kim, which one of them characterized as “around $200,000.”

An agreement to keep the matter confidential was also part of the settlement, and the authorities were not involved.



PPP has Boxer up by 9 in their latest poll.

CARLY - unmasked

Having Carly as one our senators SCARES the hell outta me! I'm serious...

Carly shakes her head like a bobblehead doll... her head is constantly bouncing around. I'm serious...

Didn't want to create a whole new thread but looks like a new Rasmussen poll gives the Democrat, Alexi Giannoulias a slight advantage over Kirk in the IL Senate race.

Rasmussen's out with a new poll of the Illinois Senate race this morning, and it shows Democrat Alexi Giannoulias with a slim 43%-41% lead over Republican Rep. Mark Kirk in the race for Barack Obama's old Senate seat.

Giannoulias is in a slightly better position than he was in the last Rasmussen survey, which showed him leading Kirk 40%-39%.


From TPM. Pretty good odds the NH Senate seat will go Republican but the Democrat has gained some ground in recent polling.

The University of New Hampshire is out with some new polling (PDF) of the state's Senate race, and the numbers still don't look all that good for Democratic Rep. Paul Hodes. The new poll shows Republican Kelly Ayotte -- the frontrunner in the GOP primary -- leading Hodes 45%-37% among likely voters. Bill Binnie, another possible contender for the Republican nomination, also leads Hodes 41%-38%.

Still, there is some good news here for the Democrat -- the poll does show Hodes gaining ground on his likely Republican opponent. The university's last survey -- from April -- showed Ayotte leading Hodes 47%-32%.

A PPP poll released yesterday showed an even tighter race, with Hodes down only three points against Ayotte.

Here is an odd momentum changer. It appears Sarah Palin's endorsement of Ayotte is actually hurting her in the polls. Keep an eye on her GOP primary opponent (Binnie) who may continue to benefit from not getting the Palin "wink, wink" endorsement. One thing is for sure; NH voters are an independent and MODERATE bunch. They don't take kindly to some out of state, Tea Party "Mama Grisly" telling them what to do or how to vote.

Sarah Palin's endorsement of Republican candidate Kelly Ayotte in the race for U.S. Senate in New Hampshire may have adversely affected the conservative contender's campaign.

A new survey from Public Policy Polling finds that Ayotte has experienced diminished support from moderate voters since the ex-Alaska Governor issued a statement of support for her candidacy.

An excerpt of analysis from PPP:

The Palin endorsement may well be playing a role in this. 51% of voters in the state say they're less likely to back a Palin endorsed candidate to only 26% who say that support would make them more inclined to vote for someone. Among moderates that widens to 65% who say a Palin endorsement would turn them off to 14% who it would make more supportive.

The polling organization notes that 47 percent of New Hampshire voters identify as moderates -- comprising the largest voting bloc in the state:

[Democratic candidate Paul] Hodes' lead with them has expanded from just 8 points at 47-39 in April to now 21 points at 51-30. Ayotte's favorability with them has gone from +5 at 32/27 to -19 at 27/46.


The Tea Party/Palin endorsement will be the kiss of death for some Republicans. Palin is not popular in the Northeast. I think many in the GOP will be surprised by the November elections regarding the damage both of them have done.

Aug. 31th 

GOP bringing in the big guns... 

Republican Senate candidate Carly Fiorina is getting a hand from her could-be GOP colleagues in various forms this week.

GOP Sen. John McCain hosted a fundraiser for Fiorina last night, Fiorina spokeswoman Andrea Saul confirmed today.

Later this week, Fiorina's bank account is scheduled to get a boost from Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown. Brown, who became a symbol of momentum for Republicans in the wake of his special election victory, is listed as a special guest for a Thursday fundraiser in Newport Beach. Tickets for the evening cocktail reception and dinner range from $250 to $30,400.

South Dakota Sen. John Thune and Georgia Sen. Saxby Chambliss are joining Fiorina for a campaign event in Fresno this morning.

Latest Poll:

August 25

Carly Fiorina (R) 43%, Barbara Boxer (D) 44%

Rasmussen Reports: "California’s Democratic leanings and Boxer’s powers of incumbency, the race remains a tough one for Fiorina, a political newcomer."

Boxer, Fiorina trade political jabs in senatorial debate Wednesday night...
Boxer - Fiorina shipped 30,000 jobs overseas, showed her sense of sacrifice by taking $100 million

Fiorina's 'whistle-hiss' when she speaks is very irritating!

This is now airing...

September 20, 2010

Public Policy Polling

50% Boxer (D), 42% Fiorina (R)

Boxer keeps hitting Fiorina on outsourcing jobs, reminding voters where jobs went the last time she was in a leadership role. This race is over!

Wasn't sure where to put this, but a small glimmer of hope in some new polling. After being behind by 10 points in a generic match-up with republicans, 2 new polls show Democrats ahead by 1. I know it means nothing in terms of all those close races, but I wonder if it is a result of someone like O'Donnell being elected and people realizing she is now the face of the party. Maybe they are finally getting scared of what a GOP victory would look like and the consequences.

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