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More Grim News For Wildlife Of the Gulf

Wasn't sure where to place this, but I figured this might work here.

Wow-Michael jackson had it right years ago, but I guess we didn't heed the warnings/message of his lyrics to protect our earth better. This is a very powerful video that I saw on YouTube about the oil spill set to the "Earth Song" by Michael Jackson. Warning-it's tough to watch and very emotional. You may need tissues handy, as I did. If those oil-soaked birds could speak, they'd be asking "What About Us?"

Note: Sorry about the inapproprate language written in the last moments of the video. I actually appreciate the video greatly up until that point and wish they had ended just before that last segment because I don't think it's fair to group all BP workers into how we might feel about the CEO/corporation. I think many people at BP, including engineers and researchers, do care and are working their butts off and it's unfair to have such a blanket statement which bashes all BP workers (or at least appeared to in my mind.)

Here's another touching video set to the same song, minus any foul language.

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