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Impeachment Question

By lephead - Posted on 06 June 2010

My faux news type friend in Georgia says that the Republicans plan to impeach Obama for robbing a gas station in 70's.  What's this all about?  The usual b.s.?
There's a new one...I couldn't even find a rumor of it using Google.  The records of that must be hiding with his birth certificate. ;-)

This ongoing backstabbing of Obama is getting worse and these lying tactics don't help. Citizen voters should not be manipulated and treated like idiots.

The buck stops with the voters...

Thanks, I was curious.

Finally, a Barack Obama conspiracy theory for the rest of us! Everyone from Tea Partiers to hip hop message boards thinks Obama was an extra in the music video for the 1993 Tag Team's single "Whoomp (There It Is)".

Before you do anything else, check out 1:01 of the music .

Source: Gawker

Hysterical! Forget impeachment, that rumor will earn him a second term!

That is so cool!  If it's not him....he has an amazing look a like!  He would have been 31 then?  The age looks like it could be right...hmmm


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