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Preaching in Black and White (Paperback)

By Native Texan - - Posted on 03 April 2008

Black preachers and white preachers have tended to minister in isola within their separate communities, unaware of what they might learn from each other as..." 

From the book:Preaching in Black and White (Paperback)
by E.K. Bailey (Author), Warren W. Wiersbe

Also last month in  Ft. Worth Texas there was a convention for Black Pastors & they had hoped that Rev. Wright would be present to accept his award.

They also provided some insight to their Black style of preaching which overlaps into social structure, not all Black Churches preach this way but there are numerous that do and they emphasize that the preaching style can be "Poetic" and not to be taken so literal but of course most of us have never been exposed to this style and it "scares" a lot of people.
Dwight Hopkins, one of the ministers at Trinity Church provided a clear explanation of their preaching style:   5 points
1. Bible Interpretation
2. Experience
3. Social Structure (this is the attack mode & truth)
4. Reconcilation (the media fails to play this comforting part of the sermon)
5. Invitation to join the church
Very interesting!
The Rev. Wright was probably seen by Sen. Obama as his surrogate father and the Rev. was highly respected enough to be invited to the Whitehouse.  
He is actually very intellectual, I have listened to an entire sermon & it was powerful, but Extreme with questionable choice of words, however, there is truth to it and Yes the Rev. could / should have been more positive but his style of black preaching covers 5 points and a sound bite does not give you an idea to his intellect. 
It is unfortunate that the Rev's passion led him to be too extreme or even too Black - many people are scared about this.   However, the point is that these are the Rev's words, not Sen.
Obama's words and not Sen. Obama's view of America, so enough already - the conservative talk shows and HRC want to take Sen. Obama down...   We need to focus on Sen. Obama's history, his life and words, not the Rev's.

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