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Joe McGinniss...Sarah Palin's New Neighbor

With all due deference to McGinniss, what did he expect?  The fact that she is spite-driven, obsessed with settling scores (real or contrived), disdainful of reporters, indifferent to facts, and, along with her followers, incapable of distinguishing between  her personal grievances and 'major' public issues is about as well known as any public information out there.(I hear this is now required knowledge in the Texas social studies curriculum.)

McGinniss was smacked down by the same blog that unleashed "Death Panels" and made Obama look as if he were  lost in the woods for two months trying to figure out how to be bi-partisan and rational during the health care street riot... I mean debate.  She had Letterman and CBS shaking in their boots for two weeks because she felt her privacy had been invaded by a (admittedly way-over-the-line) joke.

I hope McGinnissis is artfully trying to build pre-publication sales for his book because in that interview  he sounded whiney, self-pitying, naive and just plain whupped.

He also invoked Godwin's Law when he was on yesterday's Today Show, by calling Palin's fear-mongering and hate inducing tactics Nazi-like.  He may be factually correct, but he loses points for invoking the most despicable regime in human history.   


Having been poor is no shame, but being ashamed of it, is. 

-- Benjamin Franklin

I agree the Nazi reference is over the top and hurts his case. That reference has no place and I hate to see it with Tea Partiers, those against the Arizona law, and in any other place. It must be reserved for pure evil which is what Hitler was all about.

However, personally I think he is simply defending himself. I'd argue he may even have a case for a slander lawsuit. Palin is actually eluding to him watching her daughter through a window and references of "creepy old man" have been rampant. It's a free country, Ms. Palin. What exactly has he done wrong? This reporter or anybody else has a right to purchase or rent property wherever he/she chooses. She apparently thinks she is so high and mighty as to use her Twitter account as a weapon to bash someone's reputation and prevent someone from a personal decision  of where to reside. She is shameless and it's good to see that her apporval rating (see below) is even more in the toilet than ever, hopefully ensuring she will never again run for office, let alone President. McGinnissis is a respected author and reporter and should stand up to her nonsense. Personally, I would not have the stomach to even live in Russia, where Sarah could see me from her house, so this guy is very brave.

The most striking number from the Washington Post poll was that only 17% of all Americans surveyed said that they held a strongly favorable view of the former Alaska governor. In contrast, 41% of respondents strongly disapproved of her. Palin’s rating with Independents mirrors her overall 37%-55% approval/disapproval rating. Her favorability rating gains one point with Independents to 38%, while her disapproval rating holds steady at 55%.

Palin is popular with the Tea Party crowd, as she has a 60% approval rating with them, but the Tea Party as a whole is more popular than Palin herself. With all adults surveyed the Tea Party has a 41% approval rating. Although the gap is small, it is possible that Palin’s lack of personal popularity could end up damaging the Tea Party movement in the eyes of the nation at large. The Tea Party movement, even with its recent run of negative publicity, remains more popular than Sarah Palin.


"Wonder what kind of material he'll gather while overlooking Piper's bedroom, my little garden, and the family's swimming hole?"  McGinnis would be out of his mind to sue for slander or libel (it's in print)over this. This may be vicious innuendo, but it isn't close to "a statement which claims to be fact, and is not clearly identified as an opinion." I seriously doubt if her rant against him is even remotely illegal; it is just dammm mean -- but she boasts proudly of being a pitbull with lipstick.

I think he makes a huge mistake keeping this a running story unless he is using her to hype the book.  (If he needed to respond, a simple press statement should work... no cameras:  "Gov. Palin falsely represents my actions and intentions. I am a writer and respectful neighbor,  living on and tending to  my own propertyand practicing my craft in a responsible manner protected by the Constitution."

Why defend yourself against Palin.People who adore her will assume he already has crawled through the wrong window much less  peeked in  and people who think Palin's a dishonest loon wouldn't believe her anyway.

I think McGinnis should write Palin a thank you note.  How else could he get such awesome free press?  He is getting to be the victim, and she is the bad guy.  This brouhaha is just going to help him sell more books.

This brouhaha is just going to help him sell more books.

And who knows? Maybe that was his goal. My remark about a  slander lawsuit was sarcastic and there is no evidence of him considering that. But she is so good at going so very close to the line, isn't she? Here she goes after Letterman for referring her daughter in an inapporopriate way, yet she has no problem using her daughter to paint a "dirty old man" picture of her neighbor, knowing the thoughts and images that might create. She is shameless and this whole thing makes her look petty, paranoid, and ridiculous. Only her loyal fans will support her "cause."

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