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Criminal Investigation Begins

I have a feeling we will see major fines and monetary punishment (and how long will that take?) but will any of them really see jail time? We can only hope.

From The Hill. Melancon is making more and more sense. Fire BP CEO!

It makes good publicity and typical political posturing; however, BP is a (1) a corporation, therefore it is entirely up to the shareholders to fire him; (2) a BRITISH corporation. 

I think all we can do is have our elected officials bring the bad stuff to light to the point where it devastates the market value of BP -- Then, the shareholders of BP might consider his ouster.


Today on MSNBC: "Who is to blame for oil disaster?"

"It's Cheney's Katrina" -- Cheney filled the staff of the Minerals Management Service with "oil industry toadies."

As a result, Bush's 2005 energy bill, following a Minerals Management Service recommendation, dropped a requirement that oil companies fit every deepwater oil well with a $500,000 "acoustical regulator" — an automatic shut-off switch that could have prevented the BP spill.

Report blame Bush Administration for the Gulf oil spill: Sex, drugs and booze. (Source)


Begin with heaping helping of Cheney's toadies

Add a ton of 8-years worth of "regulations = bad" PLUS "the regulators should be in bed with politicians"

Mix in WSJ story: BP Revised Permits Before Blast  ("The Minerals Management Service approved all the changes quickly, in one instance within five minutes of submission.")

Blend well.  Pour on top of worst financial meltdown since the Great Depression, the Madoff Ponzi scheme, the deadliest mine disaster in two generations, Toyotas that don't bother to brake when the driver wants to...

I'm pissed.

P.S. On a (kind of) humorous note, I saw a blog comment about how the Bush Administration must have been trying to prove how bad government interference is by being really, really bad at governing. 


From the Republican For Obama archive...

Bush's administration


More GOP Problems

Obama's administration


The end of Royalty-in-Kind program

If these companies are found to be criminally negligent, shouldn't they be prosecuted with 11 counts of murder?  There are 11 people who are dead!  I want to see them not only financially responsible for the clean up of this disaster and made to pay compensation to the livelihoods of those who's lives have been decimated but I want someone to be prosecuted for the loss of those lives.


"Peace Cannot be kept by force.  It can only be achieved by understanding."

Albert Einstein

From CNN. President Obama is traveling to Louisiana Friday. Personally, I hope he stays at least a few days. He will be on Larry King Live tonight BTW. Let's see if he shows a little more passion, command, and emotion as he answers questions.  Gallup has him back at 50% after a  dip in approval recently so perhaps he is finding his voice on this and communicating better.

this is probably in bad taste, but there's an online contest to redesign the BP logo.  Here are some samples:




We need some humor during this devastation! And your recipe is right on target. Thanks for both!

Here are some highlights from the King interview which will air tonight.

  In that case, you should enjoy the current Borowitz Report headline, "Bin Laden Says He's Professionally Envious of BP."


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