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Republicans for Cuomo?

By Kelly Thomas - Posted on 24 May 2010

From Politico. In the wake of Andrew Cuomo's official announcement that he will run for Governor of New York and given our own unique (and often misunderstood) bond here at RFO, I thought this article was interesting. It highlights GOP support and upcoming endorsements for Cuomo's candidacy. Unless there is some big scandal or skeleton in his closet, I think Cuomo will do quite well in New York-with Democrats, Independents and yes, even Republicans, and win easily.

The former communications director to former Gov. George Pataki is involved in a group of pro-Andrew Cuomo Republicans that is expected to be unveiled as early as Monday, sources told POLITICO.

Michael McKeon, who now works for a major consulting firm, is helping form the "GOPers for Cuomo" group, according to multiple people familiar with the effort. 

McKeon didn't respond to a call and email, and Team Cuomo would neither confirm nor deny.

McKeon, a veteran of politics, served in the administration of Pataki for years, after the Republican scored a huge upset in the 1994 elections by ousting three-term Gov. Mario Cuomo as he sought his fourth win to the governor's office.

Pataki has backed Cuomo rival Rick Lazio, who's running on the GOP line and has gotten the Conservative Party nod, and many other members of the Pataki administration are helping the Republican hopeful's campaign.

Andrew Cuomo, in his announcement video and his speech in lower Manhattan on Saturday, sharply criticized the state of New York's government, which Pataki was at the helm of until 2006.


I always have to laugh at the Conservative Party endorsing Rick Lazio because his voting record in congress was very New York moderate Republican.  You know, the kind of Republican the teabagger types can barely keep from lathering at the mouth to expel from the Republican Party.

I actually am extremely, extremely good friends with Rick Lazio because his daugher attends the same school as mine. It is kind of odd that the CPNY endorsed him because of his congressional voting record, but I suppose it makes sense considering Levy and Paladino are both more moderate than Lazio.

Anyhow, I did go inside the Lazio HQs in NYC and all I can say, is that that office needs some energy! To me, it looked like a bunch of college kids trying to hopelessly cut a thirty five point deficit in the polls to zero.

Cuomo is a pretty affable guy and even though he is running on a fiscally conservative platform, I think that that is only campaign rhetoric. I'm going to have to support Lazio only because he at least as some proven credentials as being somewhat of a conservative.

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