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Let's Play a Game

By Golf11 - Posted on 28 April 2010

I hope this finds you all well and that you're enjoying the start of spring -- and of course golf -- if that happens to be your vice of choice as it is mine.

Anyway, my in-laws sent the following to me and it was suggested that I share it here. I've played this game many times in my life from pre-school and even now -- the results are always startling. Enjoy!

Welcome back,  Randall. It's been a while since we have heard from you.


Hi Golf... thanks for putting in... I know we'll hear more from you when the election season heats up.

I read that one the other day and posted it to FB...Does farmvillel have a golf course  :)

Note from Suzi...

RFOers, don't skip this thinking "Oh, I'm not a gamer".  This is THE most thought provoking article about the Tea Party movement I have ever read! 

Oh my gosh!  The imagery is staggering!  They would have been met by the national guard, and lives most likely would have been lost. It really puts things into prospective.

I read (and reposted) this today after reading it on Twitter via Suzi.

Interesting, and thanks for sharing. Unfortunately my FB post didn't get any positive responses, only a couple of negative ones.

Oh well. There's no reaching some people. 

My FB post of this got positive responses. (I defriended the only person who ragged on everything I posted before reading the content.) Several of my friends reposted it on their walls. I only saw one negative response, and it was mild. It was a very impressive article.

This was incredible!  Is is honestly just amazing to me what rush and others get away with saying and no one ever calls them out on it?!

 I think I am going to buy his book..

Between Barack and a hard place...certain to be a good read. 


"Peace Cannot be kept by force.  It can only be achieved by understanding."

Albert Einstein

Hello RFO!

this post was incredible!

this is a bit off-topic, but i'm new to, is there an appropriate place on the site where i can properly introduce myself? again, great site! I really hope to have substantive and constructive political discussions with members here


Hi Marine, welcome to RFO!!  We do have a thread for "newbies" but it's gotten so long, it's hard to get to the end. ;-)

Feel free to introduce yourself right here.  Tell us a bit about yourself and your political views....we tend to go off topic often, so that's not a problem. 

Feel free to jump right in on any conversation.  I look forward to hearing lots more from you.

thanks for the warm welcome Suzi!

I'm actually a liberal Democrat.  I'm a 20-year-old college student, currently attending the University of Maryland in College Park, MD.  I actually had the pleasure of having President Obama visit my campus last year and give a speech on healthcare reform, so I am happy to have at least seen him in person.  I'm of Asian-American background  (i'm first-generation, my parents are immigrants from Taiwan).  I'm currently a history major, with a concentration in military and diplomatic history, and I have plans to declare a second major in political science (with a concentration in International Relations).  My dream is to serve my country as a United States Marine, (despite the fact that the military is often characterized as a conservative institution) because I believe the military espouses ideals and values that I hold dear, such as HONOR and COURAGE and SELFLESS SERVICE.

I'm extremely passionate about politics, and as I stated above I identify as a liberal (non untypical of college students :P).  I'm a registered Democrat, though I hesitate to advertise and identify myself as such because I believe that political parties (or at least our currenty 2-party system) is detrimental to democracy, and is not very conducive to substantive, honest, and critical political discourse.

 I spend a lot of my time online discussing political issues with others (and I have learned that it's true that "Nobody wins in an Internet argument).  What led to me to the RFO site is the gross ignorance and lack of critical thinking on the part of many who identify themselves as "conservatives" on message boards and forums across cyberspace.  I searched on the Internet to see if there was a groupe of people who considered themselves "Republican" or "conservative" who was willing to reach across the partisan divide and discuss what's best for the country, rather than what's best according to their professed political ideology, and that's when i found RFO.  I was both pleasantly surprised and amused that were actually conservative Republicans who are able to think with an open mind, and not throw around terms such as "socialist" "communist" and "fascist" without actually knowing the history of those ideologies and what those terms actually mean!

I feel that the public political discussions in the past year, since President Obama got elected, has become extremely polarized, partially due to the mainstream media and cable news, but also partially due to ignorance of politics and history on the part of the general American public.

I voted for President Obama in 2008 (I was lucky to have just turned 18 that year, and was eager to exercise my newfound right to participate in the electoral process).  I thought President Obama was an extremely refreshing figure, and I am a fan of his because for the most part I agree with his ideals and worldview (except for minor issues such as abortion).  I especially applaud his foreign policy views, because they are based on building bridges, forming relationships, and engaging other countries (even if they are our adversaries).  This is a refreshing break from the foreign policy of the Bush administration, which was based unilateral actions and decisions and the framing of the global war on terror in an "us vs. them", "black vs. white", and "good vs. evil" paradigm, hearkening back to the rhetoric of the Cold War, except the Communists have now been replaced with Islamic extremism.  I believe that Bush's policies and worldview alienated many countries around the world and contributed to a decline in support for America globally.

I believe President Obama's politics are idealistic, but also contain a heavy dose of pragmatism, which I totally agree with.  Politics should always strike a balance between values and ideals, but also practical considerations.  I am angry, however, because the media has led a large segment of the American public to believe that Obama is a more radical individual than he actually is.  To me, President Obama's policies and political positions are extremely nuanced, and actually more centrist and moderate than most people believe.  In fact, some of his policies could actually be characterized as more conservative, and many on the left feel that he actually hasn't been liberal enough.

Whew! sorry for that long introduction,  hopefully it was enough to give everyone a sense of where i'm coming from!  Again, i'm really surprised and happy to see a group of Republicans who are willing to think about politics with an open mind and engage in constructive discussion and critical thinking.  I'll be frank, as a read a lot of the blog posts, forum discussions, and comments, I thought to myself, "Why aren't you guys liberals?" haha.  Anyways, I look forward to meeting and talking with everyone about the important issues of our time that will affect the country that we all love and believe in!

-Semper Fidelis, from a future Marine.


Ah we're almost everything, liberals, moderates, libertarians, republicans as well as devout, irreligious, areligious.. 


Welcome, Marine4Life51 and good luck on your future endeavor. I think you will find that the number of conservatives in the military outweigh the number of moderates/liberals, but you might be surprised too.

Semper Fi. 

I don't know who's insane idea it was to have Al Sharpton AND Bill Maher on the round table (On ABC's This Week) at the same time. Maybe maybe one or the other but BOTH? Actually Bill was quieter but made stronger statements when he did speak. That being said, for a second Maher just mentioned the idea brougth up from that blog about black protesters doing what the tea party is doing. I bet he read that blog too.

Again, this roundtable is insane. Who the heck organized this one? lol

First of all, so good to have you visit Golf! Don't be a stranger!

Also, welcome Marine4Life! Part of what makes us tick is diversity and embracing different viewpoints. We have a pretty good reputation for keeping things civil so I hope you'll stick around and enhance the site with your perspective.

As for this post-thanks for bringing this thought-provoking "what if" to our attention. I've been meaning to respond for awhile but it's been a busy week. I did send the link to many people and even shared the article at my most recent Buffalo Coffee Party meeting (yes, I'm still involved and it's going well.) It's one of those pieces that kind of hits you in the gut and I found myself re-reading it many times and thinking about it often. I posted below one part that is just mind-boggling in it's honesty. I would love to see someone more well-known like Eugene Robinson highlight this essay/theme in a future op-ed. It sounds like it may have inspired some thoughts from Maher-it should be discussed and analyzed more for it's simple, hard to ignore truth, if other people are brave enough to "go there."

To ask any of these questions is to answer them. Protest is only seen as fundamentally American when those who have long had the luxury of seeing themselves as prototypically American engage in it. When the dangerous and dark “other” does so, however, it isn’t viewed as normal or natural, let alone patriotic. Which is why Rush Limbaugh could say, this past week, that the Tea Parties are the first time since the Civil War that ordinary, common Americans stood up for their rights: a statement that erases the normalcy and “American-ness” of blacks in the civil rights struggle, not to mention women in the fight for suffrage and equality, working people in the fight for better working conditions, and LGBT folks as they struggle to be treated as full and equal human beings.

Wow-this has caught on! Front page of CNN Politics page. It's titled: What if the Tea Party Were Black?

This infuriated me too much and I had to share. I kid you not, someone said this on my other board. You can't discuss anything with these kinds of people. I wish I knew he was kidding but i've seen other posts from him so I know he's serious.

"I'm sure you have listened to entire radio broadcasts of Rush Limbaugh before you have criticized him, well, even though I can pretty much guarantee you are one of those people who hates him, let me generalize, and liberals/Obama/most of the democratic politicians listen to more than one or two taken out of context/manipulated words when they criticize Rush Limbaugh.

Anyone who has listened to Rush Limbaugh knows that he isn't evil, he is a fair man who believes in equality for all, he also relies on sarcasm, and isn't afraid to speak the truth, but people demonize him. Is he rich? Yes he is, if he wanted he could retire from broadcasting and sit on his butt but he doesn't because he believes in his ideals. His arguments are logical and makes good points, thats why he has millions of listeners, and thats why democratic talk-radio attempts have failed, their arguments don't rely on logic, they rely on hate, victim-idealogy, emotion, and demonizing their opponents."

Good to see you here, Golf!  The column is outstanding and well written.

One reaction for me surrounded the Ted Nugent item. I had no idea he harbors such anger (not that I was ever a big fan anyway). I think about the backlash the Dixie Chicks endured b/c of the comments about not being proud to be from Texas b/c they didn't support G W Bush starting the war in Iraq... that incident was all over the news and people tore up their Dixie Chicks CD's, yet Ted Nugent says something violent and hateful toward the POTUS and no backlash? Hmmm..... 

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