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Disgusting Doctor

i'm not surprised.  haven't you been paying attention to how nasty the tone has become since Obama was elected.

Maybe the worst part about that was over 80% of the respondents in the poll (non-scientific, of course) thought that the doctor was correct.


I am more disgusted by the number of people who didn't check the box that physicians should not consider their patients political leanings?  Doesn't anybody think beyond the moment anymore?

A comment from the article brought up a good point. Maybe this wasn't his first intention but the right will make this guy a martyr now so  Fox, tea partiers and others can glorify and support him and his office seeking wife. Could get ugly or could turn into nothing. I hope it wouldn't be any kind of trend whatsoever. 

He has a right to his political belief and he can't be certain of the political leanings of his patients unless he outright asks them, but this is obviously pretty shameful approach. I can imagine some the outrage coming from those who believe as he does, but not enough to condone things like this.  

As for the poll sixteen, well good news is the comments opposed to this are getting more thumbs up than those who support it. Maybe it was linked to drudge? Who knows. The poll is pretty shocking. 

I was kind of bored and didn't see an article for it on TPM so I sent them a link to it. I'm sure others have made them aware of it though or I didn't search hard enough. 

This idiot deserves zero attention. It was clearly a media stunt that worked. He is in a highly Republican area so he likely had very few Obama supporters anyway. He should just have this sign: If you support Obama, follow signs to our Death Panels --->

Get over it, Doc.

Haha.  Classic.  

That is a thing of pure beauty, Misty.

Anyway, this guy should be able to choose who he wants to see but he is certainly being an asshat about it.

Can I say that here? 

Edit: OMG! I can't believe this guy:

"I'm not turning anybody away — that would be unethical," Dr. Jack Cassell, 56, a Mount Dora urologist and a registered Republican opposed to the health plan, told the Orlando Sentinel on Thursday. "But if they read the sign and turn the other way, so be it."

 This is what is usually called BS. There's a word for it but I can't think of it right now -- it's not "hypocrisy" but it is still a blatant falsehood.


'STOP OBAMA'S SOCIALISM' billboards coming to a town near you? They're already in my area.....

Spreading more fear and pushing more uninformed people out of their money.

This article wasn't as up-to-date becuase today they have found out a little bit more about the people behind them.

I'll bet there are some big corporations feeding money into these "grassroots" ads. This is why this whole Anti-Obama movement is so dangerous and disheartening. I love the notion of free speech but when free speech leads to large groups of Americans thinking our president wasn't born here or should be compared to Hitler, there is a problem. When I teach my students about free speech, I stress that there is a responsibility side to it, too. Depending on the nuts who are impacted and perhaps moved to violence (or at least stupidity thinking Obama is a socialist) when they see these huge billboards, at what point is this like yelling fire in a crowded theater?

I'm just reassured by the fact that when the 2012 election rolls around, President Obama will have his record to run on and the "enemy" will have a face and need to have real debates about real problems and solutions. They can't just spend a debate with name calling and lies and expect to get very far. That's why they plant the seeds of conspiracy now hoping we will all ignore the facts in the future. If the economy starts improving, I predict this smear campaign will all be a lost cause.

BTW-I never realized what sore losers the Republicans were. You lost on health care-get over it! You are the minority-get over it! Do you think the Democrats had much more of an issue to whine about when Gore lost the election thanks to some Bush legal tactics? Gore walked away with dignity and wished Bush the best and even asked the country to respect the results, even though he knew they were tainted. I guess one side cares about the good of the country as a whole and one side would rather have a divided country as long as they benefit come election time.

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