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David Frum & John Avlon on Larry King tonight

By John Martin - Posted on 29 March 2010

Now I remember why having a TV can be useful.  Both of these guys are healthy critics of the party.  Catch it if you can: 

Thanks... will be on here in half an hour.

Christian Warriors plotted attacks on now.

Who wants to watch Karl Rove on Leno tonight!!!



Where'd everybody go?....

Who wants to watch Karl Rove on Leno tonight!!!

 I'm not that brave.

Nancy Pa-fotten-hower is still working for John McCain?
God, I feel like i'm listening to her BS spin from the 08 campaign all over again. I just hear spin spin spin from her everytime I see her. Flashbacks to the campaign for sure.
I hate watching these cable  news shows. Pundit bickering makes me want to bang my head into a wall. I blame John for telling me this is on. I could be watching Family Guy right now on TBS... (:

I feel you!

Now that it's over, i'm back into the sweet embrace of mindless animated comedy. Then it's on to the Daily Show...
I can't stand this. I hate listening to these people.
David Frum was on Jon Stewart. Sorry if this was already posted.
He was on Colbert not the Daily show. (: I never got around to posting the vids from Wenesday and Thursday. I was going to do it maybe tomorrow night or Monday.
Ooops-got my great interviewers mixed up! Yes, it was Colbert who did a brilliant job speaking with Frum.

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