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Final Day of the Olympics

By SG8970 - Posted on 28 February 2010

HOCKEY: CANADA VS USA FOR GOLD. A little different from the first match. Different Goalie for Canada and both teams have developed streaks and good chemistry in the two games following the last match up. Game time is at 3:15 EST. I think. On NBC.

I think another new aspect to the game is America and Canada have medal records to bolster. With a win Canada can take the record for most golds by one country in a single winter Olympics. The US has already set a record with gold or silver for most medals won by a single country in the winter games.  

And the closing ceremonies are tonight.

If you're looking for something to watch, there is coverage a few final events and a recap of the games on NBC leading up to the Hockey game. 


Go Canada!

I'm going to watch it on a big theater screen at a pub/theater. 

For shame, Tin. For shame.


Don't they have enough gold medals? 

Canada has a 1-0 lead

We're going to overtime: 2-2

Miller did have a cooler helmet than Luongo.
What a goal! What a game! Tied 2-2 at the end of the 3rd period. Americans tie it up with 24 seconds left in the game to send it to overtime. I was almost conviced that it was over. Man, did that shot get me off my butt. lol

Whoooo!  Go Team USA!  

Now, we go into overtime!  



Having been poor is no shame, but being ashamed of it, is. 

-- Benjamin Franklin

Canada wins... Congrats Canada!!!! Good game

Well done, Team Canada.  

Good job, Team USA.  Silver is just as nice.  

At least, O Canada is a nice anthem and the home audience can really belt it out.  


Having been poor is no shame, but being ashamed of it, is. 

-- Benjamin Franklin

It's was an amazing game that someone had to lose. Both teams were great. Dang Canadians and all their gold medals. lol

I liked the crowd reactions at the end though. 

Probably one of the best hockey games ever. 

Obama Bets Beers on Team USA

U.S. President Barack Obama owes Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper a case of Canada’s finest Molson.


Robert Gibbs has also made a bet with his Canadian counterpart... If the U.S. loses, he will have to wear a Canadian hockey jersey for the first 15 minutes of an on-camera press briefing.


I'm looking forward to the closing ceremonies for the ceremony itself. I'm going to miss the games. I LOVE THE OLYMPICS both winter and summer. If no one noticed. lol

But, i'm looking forward the show premiering after the ceremony is over. Seinfeld's 'The Marriage Ref'. 

That game was fricken' EPIC! Wow. Just, wow!

Congratulations Brenden Morrow, Sidney Crosby, Jonathon Toews, Roberto Luongo (amazing saves!),  and the rest of Team Canada!

Congratulations also to the fine players of Team USA, especially Ryan Miller who won MVP for the series. More amazing saves and amazing playing.

Man, there was so much energy on that ice...  it was phenomenal. 

Tin, call me crazy, but I get the idea that you enjoyed the game.
You're darn tootin' !


FANTASTICALLY creative start to the closing. I love it. Great way to turn around the situation from opening day.
What did all the kids spell out in the middle of the arena? Something 'through it'?

So the Canadians won the gold in hockey. Their beer still sucks. (Tongue-in-cheek.)


If only there was an Olympic event called Name That Beer Can!

Shatner with the funny poltical poke saying they have healthcare and something about Global Warming. Uh Oh, some on the right might say something or boycott. ;-)

Giant Orange Maple Leaves. Check.
Giant Inflatable Beavers. Check.
Giant Inflatable Moose. Check.

It's almost like Canadian culture vomited. So, bizarre. 


Having been poor is no shame, but being ashamed of it, is. 

-- Benjamin Franklin

So, apparently NBC just decided to end their coverage of the Closing Ceremonies and go to The Marriage Ref.  

F*ck You, NBC!  



Having been poor is no shame, but being ashamed of it, is. 

-- Benjamin Franklin

They had it scheduled like that. I wanted to see this actually so i'm not that bothered. Anything is better than Nickelback. (I'll still watch the rest later). In the end they wanted to take advantage of the millions of viewers and premiere a new show.  They're s--- in the ratings so they have to do things like this. lol

The rest of ceremonies are afterwards appearently. I don't know. 

Good Bye Winter Olympics! See ya in four years. Thanks Vancouver. Nice job and well done!!!

I saw it all.

I forgot two things in my SNL recap in the other thread. One of them actually was the most Olympic related and it slipped my mind. It was Telemundo covering the Olympics, so I thought I might as well post it here. The other one I forgot which I'll post a link to, was the open of the show where they make a 'We Are The World' song to raise awareness for how terrible the second 'We Are The World' song was.

This was the best skit of the night for SNL this weekend. 


I heard on the radio today J Lo received high marks for her performance - seemingly quite laid back during what was one of the funnier openers in recent memory. Partaking in a “We Are the World” remake clip, reproducing the mannerisms of Rihanna.

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