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Vancouver Winter Olympics

By SG8970 - Posted on 17 February 2010

Thread number two with updated Medal count from but more to come tonight maybe. American takes the lead again with a few wins today and now has the most golds too. Shani Davis and Lindsay Vonn both defend their Gold medals from the last Olympics. American Elizabeth Mancuso took silver in that event with Vonn. Still to come for their favored events is Apollo Ono and Shaun White. Although i'm not sure if tonight is just the qualifier or not for Apollo. The final might be tomorrow. I also heard that to maybe NBC's surprise viewership of the Winter Olympics is up 15% from '06. 

USA United States See Names   4   3   5    12
USA Germany See Names   3   4   2     9
USA France See Names   2   1   4     7
USA South Korea See Names   3   2   0     5
USA Canada See Names   2   2   1     5
USA Norway See Names   1   2   2     5


Forgot to add, that American speed skater Chad Hedrick took Bronze in the race that Shani Davis won. 

And after I posted the thread, Ono won his qualifier so he's through to the next round. 

Made another mistake. Vonn isn't a repeating Champion. This is her first Olympic Gold after a big injury in the '06 Torino Olympics. 

EDITED TO ADD AGAIN: I made another mistake in the first post - I said 'Elizabeth Mancuso'. The silver medalist in the downhill was named Julia Mancuso.

USA's Shani Davis win Gold Medal for the men's 1,000 meter speed skating race.

Gold medallist USA's Shani Davis, left, and Bronze medallist USA's Chad Hedrick, right, react as they walk to the podium of the flower ceremony of the men's 1,000 meter speed skating race.

Looks like Celski will make it out of Canada alive after the Canadian racer slipped bumping into him and off the race. The Canadian was out of the race though before whatever knocked him out.

Crowd booed Celski and cheered when he was disqualified, but was it really his fault or anything that he could control? 

Apollo takes bronze after losing his balance and falling to fifth. The two Koreans take Gold and Silver. A Korean Canadian sandwich. Two canadians finish behind him, two koreans ahead of him.

We need a new Olympic thread tomorrow. (:

Katherine Reutter, the speed skater that appeared on Colbert's show Dec. 14, just advanced to the semi-finals in the women's 1500m. 

A couple of skaters go down, including Reutter. Judges decision what happens. Two finished and that's who would usually moves to the finals.

EDITED: Judges rule, that Ruetter and a few others with do another final race to decide the spots. 

Nevermind all the skaters went to the final. Katherine came in fourth after bumping the skater in front of her (who was in first) and losing speed. She fell to last and worked hard to make her way back up but could only get as far as 4th. China takes gold followed by Koreans at bronze and silver. Stinks.
If I heard right, Lindsay Vonn's win is the first ever American win in Women's downhill.

Lindsey Vonn of the U.S. skis into one of the last gates on her way to win the gold medal in the women's Alpine Skiing Downhill race.

Silver medallist Julia Mancuso of the United States, left, gold medallist Lindsey Vonn, center, and Austria's Elisabeth Goergl, bronze.

Shaun White repeats as the halfpipe Gold medal winner, defending his Torino Gold. That's 5 golds for the USA, and the total medal count is now 14. American Scotty Lago takes Bronze.

Gold medalist Shaun White of the U.S. (C), silver medalist Peetu Piiroinen of Finland (L) and bronze medalist Scott Lago of the U.S. celebrate on the podium after the men's halfpipe finals.

Anyone else get teary-eyed after Vonn's big Gold win? I've been watching almost every night and can't help swell up with pride! All of the athletes are amazing, but I'm extra proud of our U.S. team.

I've seen a lot of scuttlebutt on television & Olympics forums that she faked her injury to throw everyone off and garner more media attention.  That way her Gold would be even more impressive.   

Some mean people are just never happy at the success of others.  


Having been poor is no shame, but being ashamed of it, is. 

-- Benjamin Franklin

It just isn't the internet if people aren't being extra cynical, extra ungrateful of anything, extra picky over small things, and there can't be many things or comment sections with out immense criticism from people who seem too bored and annoyed yet watch the things they're critical of. (:
I was moved seeing her tears of happiness right after the win. It's someone accomplishing their dream. Amazing. Kind of close to teary eyed.
They are just about to show an interview with Bob Costas and Speed Skating sponsor (and he has some other profession but I can't remember) Stephen T Colbert.

The only sports I've been following so far has been the men's hockey and the curling.

For hockey, I don't know if I want Canada or Slovakia to win (both teams have former Portland Winterhawks players on them -- then again, so do USA and Switzerland).

For curling, I saw the men's team lose last night in the 11th end to Team Norway. It was a great game, though! A real nail biter. 

Colbert invades the NBC set (talks to Bob Costas). He seems to be filming a few episodes of Colbert Report there.

Updated medal count. A few favorites go today. Vonn has the Combined, Americans in Women's snow boarding, and I think Apollo Ono goes for gold tonight. 

USA United States See Names   5   3   6   14
USA Germany See Names   3   4   3   10
USA France See Names   2   1   4    7
USA Canada See Names   2   3   1    6
USA South Korea See Names   3   2   0    5
Oh, I forgot - The men's figure skating final is tonight too. I know some people just like the ice skating.
Mancuso wins silver for a second day in a row, but Vonn crashed and tumbled in the snow so she didn't finish. Appears to be fine though. German skier Maria Riesch gives Germany it's 4th gold and 11th medal by winning the Super Combined.

Mancuso wins silver for a second day in a row...

I just heard that the Olympics beat American Idol in viewers last night by a decent number.

Olympics coverage during the 8 p.m. hour pulled in 30.1 million viewers, while Fox's "American Idol" had only 18.4.

That breaks a six-year unbeaten streak for "Idol."


Suck On That, American Idol!  


Having been poor is no shame, but being ashamed of it, is. 

-- Benjamin Franklin

American curling teams are struggling badly and it's not looking good. Both men's and women's teams are a combined 0-7 and a lot of those losses came on missing quite few potential game winning shots near the end of the match.

The Hockey teams on the other hand are holding pretty strong. Both men's and women's teams remain undefeated. The men beat Norway 6-1 and the women beat Finland 6-0. Tough game coming up though, I believe the next match for the guys is Canada this weekend.

EDITED TO ADD A DAY LATER: Debbie McCormick and the rest of the women's curling team grabbed their first win today by beating Russia. Men have a game later. 

U.S. goalie Ryan Miller...

I LOVE it!! LOL.


Following in the women's footsteps, the men's curling team just won it's first game beating France after the coaching decision to replace team skip John Shuster  before the match. They replaced him with one America's up-and-coming curlers - 22 year old Chris Plys.

Thanks for the info!

Oh, and the Russian Women's Curling team is HAWT!


A lot of the women curlers are hot, Tin... lol not that I uh noticed. The women might say the same about the guys. Not that I uh noticed that at all either... Um.... Uh...

*backs out of the room slowly*

Hey, I can agree with that. No reason not to be an equal opportunity lech!

The skip for the Norwegian Men's team apparently runs that country's largest tanning salon business and the guy looks like a fricken' model.


US Women's team beats Great Britain in curling.

Yep! I saw it. Both the men's and women's team have won two in a row. Both nail biters at the end.



I had missed the men's game.

I think that the men's team (or maybe both) have to win all their games just to make the semifinals? 

Not sure. Did you see a clip of the final shot Jason Smith had to make to pull off the win? Had to be near perfect. I'll try to post a video of it when I find one.

The Americans fail to bring in Gold on the women's halfpipe. First place went to Australian Torah Bright. The Americans Hannah Teter and Kelly Clark take Silver and Bronze. Congrats to Australia though, not exactly a winter sports haven so it's great to see them get a Gold, unfortunately however at the expense of the Americans. (:

For those interested - the men's ice skating final is about to start. 

Hannah Teter wins Silver 

Kelly Clark wins Bronze

I have to admit that Evan kicked the crap out of that performance. I hope he goes cold war on the Russian. (:

The Russian will have to mess up somehow, but it probably won't happen. 

American Evan Lysacek wins!!!! First American to win since 1988 when Brian Boitano won Gold. I can't imagine ever being this excited about figure skating and I kind of hope it never happens again. It's scary. lol


That was fun to watch... the Russian's are pissed!

How pissed? Who's pissed? The team? the country? All of the above? Did anyone make any claims that it wasn't fair?

How pissed? Who's pissed?

"I was positive that I won. But I suppose Evan needs a medal more than I do," "Maybe it’s because I already have one..." Plushenko said through a translator.

Yeah, I went and found an article after the post. If Plushenko was more smooth with his performance he might have won, but it wasn't his best even with the quad.

Really, should I be scared how much I care about this? lol 

I'm a football/baseball fan, and I got almost as excited about Evan's win as a touchdown/homerun from the Braves/Falcons. (:

Check this out

No wonder Plushenko is pissed...

Russian sports authorities will more than double bonus payments...  will pay $135,000 for Gold Medal

Officials have high hopes that a strong performance in Vancouver could be a springboard for 2014, when Russia’s southern city of Sochi hosts the Winter Olympics.

Russia is aiming for around 40 medals, with a minimum of nine golds.

Well, right after the last post I also found out that Putin chimed in on Plushenko losing and questioning the judges. I found this out by turning on NBC a second after your post to see what was on and Al Michaels was interviewing Lysecek right then. Lysecek could not have been more gracious with his praise and admiration of Plushenko and how he looks up to him etc. I can only imagine that he'd be just as gracious with silver. Most people including himself said he gave the performance of a lifetime and in the end that's all you can do.

Great find... I'm sitting here with a big fat smile on my face... Thanks

lol, in an interview with Costas on the broadcast tonight, Lysecek was asked if he'd be back to defend his title when Russia hosts the next Winter Games and he said (paraphrasing) "I don't think they'd let me in the country" I probably ruined it by writing it out. 

Another interview where was extra gracious about Plushenko. Calling him a great guy, talking about how he's admired him, toured with him etc.  Said Plushenko did congratulate him afterwords 

I had to share this with you Misty. Plushenko claims he didn't know this was up on his website but it say he won Platinum in Vancouver on his medals page. It has since been removed. (:

Updated medal count: Evan won the 6th gold for the U.S. While speed skater Christine Nesbitt brings Canada it's third gold on home turf by winning the 1000m.

United States: 6 gold 5 silver 7 bronze

Germany:        4 gold 4 silver 3 bronze

Norway:          3 gold 3 silver 2 bronze

Canada:           3 gold 3 silver 1 bronze


Bode Miller win the Silver Medal for Super-G race. He won a Bronze on Monday for downhill.

Andrew Weibrecht wins Bronze for Super-G.

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