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Political Astrologer Predicts The Eventual Demise Of Sarah Palin

By lizbethie - Posted on 12 February 2010

Teap Neocon Steve says: 

Who's this crazy liberal that sees the fall of Palin's legitimacy? Oh.... Ronald Reagan's wife.... So... so... conflicted....

*head explodes* 

The entire month of January 2013 will bring her progressed Moon into a square with natal Saturn, as well as transiting Pluto into a conjunction with her South Node and semisquare her natal Saturn, suggestive of a very difficult, depressing month and some withdrawal from public view. There is nothing to suggest any celebration or victory in her chart. For at least a few very crucial months as the next presidential term is voted on and inaugurated, the barracuda will have been thwarted.

We'll need a Hoover to clean up the mess she leaves behind. You know what I mean?

 Not a Hoover Misty, an FDR!! LOL

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power

the world will know peace." Jimi Hendrix

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