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Texas Republican

By TexasRepublican - Posted on 30 March 2008

For the first time in my life, I will vote Democratic - Obama.  I will vote for Obama in November because after weeks of hearing from all sides, listening to local and national commentators, it is obvious that Obama is the best choice.  Ironically, the right wing news commentators of FOX News helped me in making my decision.  With their constant coverage of Obama's pastor and constant anti-Obama rhetoric, it opened my eyes and forced me to look deep and consider their objective.  Obama is a stronger candidate than McCain.  Obama can unite our country with OTHER countries that hate us.  As a white male Republican, perhaps this Black Democrat is what he need right now in order for our country to rebuild, patch relationships with other countries, fix our economy and start a new beginning...  Sure, I will probably pay a few extra bucks in higher taxes but if the end result means more jobs in America versus China, an end to the ridiculous Iraq war and improvements in our economy, then I'm willing to make that small sacrifice.

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