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Go Meghan McCain!

By Kelly Thomas - Posted on 09 February 2010

Since the Democrats missed an opportunity to bash this speech, I'm glad Meghan McCain stepped up to the plate and called it what it was: racist. It's a shame daddy is too afraid to follow suit and is doing just the opposite: pandering to the extremists and far right.

I really don't think Meghan has a future in politics (Republicans just won't embrace a Moderate like her and she is far from polished) but she could certainly help to lead a movement within the Republican Party to pump up Moderates and try to expand the tent. You go girl!

On Monday, Meghan McCain fired back.

"People were saying that this is the new movement in the Republican Party," McCain said during an appearance on 'The View.' "I did not want to go [to last week's convention]. I have (a) very much different, ideological differences with them."

And she described Tancredo's comments as "innate racism."

"And I think it's why young people are turned off by this movement. And I'm sorry [but] revolutions start with young people. Not with 65-year-old people talking about literacy tests and people who can't say the word 'vote' in English. It's ridiculous."

Meghan McCain also decried the divisiveness and partisanship in American politics and the growing populist rage that has powered the Tea Party movement.

"Maya Angelou says we have more in common than we do apart," she said. "We need to use this message in politics more."

Meghan McCain added, "This rhetoric will continue to turn off young voters and anybody that says different is smoking something. Period."


And I think it's why young people are turned off by this movement

BINGO!  Furthermore, the party continues to labor under the impression that noise makes up for number when it comes to winning elections.  NOT.


From Huff Po. Oh, and Meghan had some words to say about Palin's double standard with the use of the word "retard" and Palin's reference to Obama declaring War on Iran to help him win re-election. OK-a woman who thinks declaring war on Iran would boost one's approval ratings could have been our VP and may want to run for President!  Now that's scary. Can't wait to read Meghan McCain's upcoming book : )

Meghan McCain believes Sarah Palin's double standard for Rahm Emanuel and Rush Limbaugh is "what's wrong with politics today."

McCain weighed in on Palin's hypocrisy on Monday when she appeared as a guest host on "The View."

In addition to Palin's contradictory standards on the use of the word "retard," McCain also disagreed with the former Alaska governor's suggestion that Obama should declare war with Iran to win re-election.

When Barbara Walters asked McCain what her father thought about a possible presidential run by Palin, she played it safe and said she'd have a book out in August and would talk about it then.


Meghan isn't afraid to tell it like it is, which will make her an extreme outcast to Republicans (well, tea party Republicans) 

If you don't bow to likes of Rushbo (and the "ideas" that Rush spouts off on) you won't be accepted by the current movements on the right. It's pretty damn sad.  

Meghan's post on Twitter

I really couldn't care less about Glenn Beck making fun of me, it's predictable. I just can't believe I have enough of an influence for him.

 You go girl!

And what pray-tell did the jackass say about her? I like seeing her have 82,000 followers on Twitter. I'm more encouraged about people like her who want to move in a different direction than Becks, Hannitys, Limbaughs etc etc etc. No one is going to shut her up and she doesn't care about being criticized by the loud mouths. Unfortunately the refusal to go lockstep means she is hardly taking seriously by the base. Probably just call her a liberal and cast her aside in their mind. 

Okay, like... let me fill you in...

MEGHAN McCAIN: We're saying that this is a new movement in the Republican Party and the first I knew, I did not want to go

GLENN: Stop. It's not a new movement in the Republican Party. Your daddy knows this. Maybe Daddy should sit you down and learn you a lesson or two on progressives. Daddy knows that his favorite president was the one who started the progressive party. Called the Bull Moose Party because Daddy couldn't take the seat from the Republican. So he had to start a third party. The progressive party. So it's not a new movement. It's the reason why your daddy's been a progressive for a long time. Your daddy is one of the reasons why our government is so out of control. How's that, Megan?


MEGHAN McCAIN: I have very different, much ideological differences with Dad, but Congressman Tancredo went off

GLENN: Hang on, I have very much, like, ideological differences with them but I'm like super smart and nobody's going to point out that I'm stupid because I say things like I'm very much like ideological differences with them.

full transcript here

"full transcript here"  -- no thanks, I've had quite enough Beck with the post alone.

"I'm like super smart" WTF?  Did he really SAY that?  Anyone who actually feels compelled to state those words is an idiot in my book.  But then, Beck already held that place in my opinion before the comment.


Meghan seems to be a really sweet person.

Apparently a tell-all book is coming in August! Can't wait...

The wrong McCain ran for President last time. I LIKE this one.

Love this concept.

If we could pretend it was she who ran for POTUS, who would she have chosen as her running mate?  (We all know who it WOULDN'T have been... a certain Governor who knows all about Russia because she knows when Putin rears his head, or whatever drivel she said.)

I could see her with Jindal as running mate, but it might have been a weak ticket.  I don't see Romney; he wants to be Top Dog too badly to accept Numero Dos. 




Your words just gave me an excuse to repost this picture because it's the first thing I thought of. This was during the election. 

Unfortunately, we will have to wait until 2020 for her to run.  She'll be 36 that October and one year over the minimum age to run for the Office of the President.  

If she remains the same thoughtful person over the next ten years, I could totally support that campaign.   

She could run for a seat in House of Representatives right now, though.  Some of those Arizona Reps are real creeps and I'd love to see her replace them.   


Having been poor is no shame, but being ashamed of it, is. 

-- Benjamin Franklin

I agree! She is smart, reasonable, and sassy at the same time-good qualities in my book! Speaking of books, I'll bet hers will be pretty good.

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