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Rep. John Murtha (PA) Has Died

By Kelly Thomas - Posted on 08 February 2010

I had heard Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) was in intensive care last week after some complications, but I had no idea how serious it was. My prayers are with his friends and family. Link from MSNBC.

WASHINGTON - A spokesman says Democratic Rep. John Murtha of Pennsylvania, a retired Marine Corps officer who became an outspoken critic of the Iraq war, has died. He was 77.

He had been suffering complications from gallbladder surgery. He died at Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington, Va., spokesman Matthew Mazonkey said.

In 1974 Murtha, then an officer in the Marine Reserves, became the first Vietnam War combat veteran elected to Congress. One of Congress' most hawkish Democrats, he wielded considerable clout for two decades as the ranking Democrat on the House subcommittee that oversees Pentagon spending.



Wow, that caught me off guard. I sat up from my chair with a "What?!?!". That's unfortunate. Thoughts with his family. 

The comments on the article are pretty brutal. A lot on the right and a lot of Marines don't like him for some of the things he's said. I wasn't fully aware of some of those things but I can only hope for better out of representatives of the GOP. The comments remind me of what we saw when Ted Kennedy died. That's not to say that some liberals wouldn't say nasty things if a conservative died, it's just a shame that people reach this level on either side.

Not a saint by any means, but one of the first democratic leaders to stand up to Bush/Cheney/Fox/Limbaugh and say opposition to the Iraq War IS patriotism at its highest level. He paved the way for quivering cowards like Clinton and Schumer who were mum on the subject for years to, rather mosily, come out against the war.  He may or may not have been a great man in all measures, but he was great when we needed him to be.  RIP, sir, and thank you for your courage when courage was in short supply

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