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President Obama Speaks at the National Prayer Breakfast

By lizbethie - Posted on 05 February 2010

Is President Obama the first President to address non-believers as

the President of the United States?

I thought that was great.

Oh and his line about questioning his faith or "his citizenship"

was Fantastic!!

Kelly posted a link a day or two ago to an article talking about this too.

I thought he talked about a Public Option... but,

It was just my imagination.

Running away with me...

It is a wonderful speech.  It is the proper forum for such inspiring words and such a lovely vision for a better government and a better America.

I just hope... dare I say PRAY...  that he  and W.H. staff are not caught off guard, yet again,  when those who have succeeded so marvelously and profited so handsomely  by demonizing him, trivializing his agenda, and denigrating his every move continue to do so. 


I believe his speech more or less put to rest any contriversy about him going. The media was makeing it out to be a occult like thing. Ok, I don't care for this particular prayer Breakfast or even it's location. However, him a Hillary Clinton Spoke up for Gays, an really hammered in Freedoms we should represent in the U.S.! It just kind of shut the media up for a change! Now there on to the Tea Party thing. What I saw here, was 600 people is not even a beginning of a gathering. They all had differnt idea's of what they were gathering there for. Some just plain were Obama haters, racist an others were there in ernest of what their beleives in Gov. Was or should be to them.  They had NO common Direction or plans to anitiate that I could see or figure out! It was souly a misquided, unfunded an undirected bunch of misfits that I really felt sorry for! To think that Palin actually took 100,000. for her speaking engagement from these poor misquided people make it all the worse. She says she will give back to the cause the money she took. The problem with this is if she follows the Law, very little amount of that can go back into campagnes she supports as a indivitual/couple. So were does the rest go, but into her personal pocket book?

"To think that Palin actually took 100,000. for her speaking engagement from these poor misquided people make it all the worse."

That's actually my favorite part of the convention.

There are legal scams that companies and organizations use to filter money in ways that make it end up where they want it.  She can, legally, give money to her own PAC or some other shield group.  Then her PAC can buy copies of her book for local candidate campaigns to distribute as fundraiser premiums, gifts,prizes for hard workers, whatever. There might have been some of this in getting her book to the top of the best seller list, but she is hardly the first and it is not strictly a right wing thing by any means.

But Tom, she's a regular Joe like her followers and she's outside the realm of politician behavior because she's looking out for the regular American folks like herself. Surely, there must be some mistake in this idea she's trying to sucker people for money and is taking advantage of the situation before her.

 (insert about 5 of Misty's sarcasm icons)

These people should lose all of their money if they're not smart enough to know better. They'll need to learn about those who want to take complete advantage of this tea party movement.  

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