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Tea Partiers Protest Tea Party Convention

By Kelly Thomas - Posted on 26 January 2010

Link from MSNBC.

Are they out there screaming about Obama the Nazi? Yelling about too many taxes? Demanding that they get their country back? Nope, not this time.

Tea Partiers are protesting the Tea Party leadership. Scratching your heads? They're still mad as hell and they're not gonna take it anymore-but they are mad at an unlikely source. Among a list of growing complaints,  they are not happy about the price tag (over $500!) to attend the Official Tea Party Convention in Nashville. They are also angry about the rumored speaking fee for Palin of $100,000. The group that prides itself on being anti-establishment is realizing it's being run and manipulated by the establishment.

A Tea Party convention billed as the coming together of the grass-roots groups that began sprouting up around the country a year ago is unraveling as sponsors and participants pull out to protest its expense and express concerns about “profiteering.”

The convention’s difficulties highlight the fractiousness of the Tea Party groups, and the considerable suspicions among their members of anything that suggests the establishment.

The convention, to be held in Nashville in early February, made a splash by attracting big-name politicians. (Former Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska is scheduled to deliver the keynote speech.) But some groups have criticized the cost — $549 per ticket and a $9.95 fee, plus hotel and airfare — as out of reach for the average tea partier. And they have balked at Ms. Palin’s speaking fee, which news reports have put at $100,000, a figure that organizers will not confirm or deny.


The group that prides itself on being anti-establishment is realizing it's being run and manipulated by the establishment



You can't help but love this. Though it's actually a good thing and maybe some will wake up to who's REALLY trying to manipulate their lives more. Not to say their targets aren't at fault for some things but there are a lot of higher ups trying to use the tea party efforts, numbers and beliefs for their own advances..

Like Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) has become the latest to pull out of a scheduled speaking gig at the controversial National Tea Party Convention.

Sarah Palin is currently still scheduled to speak, but is reported to be under pressure to bow out as well.

Unsold tickets, activists demanding refunds—will Palin wind up addressing a half-empty room at the Tea Party convention?


The convention is not the actual Tea Party, but another Republican fatcat "Tea Party," which is using the Tea Party brand to make money from the grass roots Tea Party. The grass roots TP is boycotting it, and it is they who are pressuring politicians to stay away.

Palin on speaking at Tea Party Convention:

"You betcha I'm gonna be there."

With the controversial event shaping up to be a potential flop, some Tea Partiers are urging Palin to cancel her speech to avoid a humiliating public relations disaster.

Will Palin cancel... now knowing the venue will be half empty. Oh, I’m sorry! How rude of me. Would you like some butter and salt with your popcorn?

Not as long as she gets her six figure payment, reported to be $115,000.  If anything, her greed will prevent her from ever being a viable candidate.  Apparently, they've sold out on their tickets for the much cheaper conference only and tickets for everything, but they aren't getting people to fork over more than $300 for the Palin banquet only.

The Tea Party National Convention is coming soon...

CNN is having a special on the tea party movement on Wednesday (I think) night.  Considering their dust-up with Fox, it should be interesting, to say the least.

Please Pray For Haiti

I hope it is a total flop, an she begins to disappear from the radar of politics at last. I hear her daughter is takeing Levi to court for more support, an total custody. I just can't imagine what they would use against Levi J. for Total custody, an few visitation. They can no longer use his Nude centerfold as a immoral act, as all they have to do is bring along Sen. Brown of Ma., Nude centerfold to court for all to witness. I am so ready for Sarah P. to disappear! An I second Suzi call for prayers for Haiti, an those who are there helping those poor souls.

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