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January 22nd, 2010

By Misty - Posted on 11 January 2010


Arrests at U.S. Capitol 'Close Gitmo' Protest on Jan. 21, 2010

President Barack Obama issued a Presidential Memorandum dated December 15, 2009 formally closing the detention center and ordering the transfer of prisoners to the Thomson Correctional Center, Thomson, Illinois.


Tomorrow will mark the deadline of President Obama’s pledge to close the detainee facility at Guantanamo Bay, a deadline that will not be met.

Source: The Wasington Note

Obama Puts Money to Close GTMO in the Afghanistan War Supplemental

That amounts to a dare to congressional Republicans. If you try to filibuster money for closing Guantanamo, you’ll be denying the troops in the field with the money they need to succeed in Afghanistan. The Bush administration repeatedly denounced budgetary obstructionism on the war by congressional Democrats — especially during the summer of 2007 when they tried to stop the Iraq surge — as a slight to the troops. Gates was in his same chair for some of that, and now he’s basically saying he’s not afraid to say the same thing to the GOP. Their move.

We may be seeing a good learning curve here in Obama's style.

Or we will see this backfire on him like so many other things. the right is amazingly adept at controlling the messages that the press picks up on.


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