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AT&T wants out of landline business

By Misty - Posted on 30 December 2009

Source: afp

US telecom giant AT&T has asked US regulatory authorities to waive a requirement that it and other carriers maintain costly landline networks.


AT&T said that with the rise of cellphones and Internet communications such as VoIP less than 20 percent of Americans now rely exclusively on landlines for voice service and 25 percent have abandoned them altogether.


But I LOVE my landline...

One ringy dingy... Two ringy dingy... Oh My!!

I love Lily Tomlin, but I haven't had a landline for years now.

What, has it been four years or so?  

Of course, some people really rely on their landlines, just like some people still really rely on over-the-air television. 

Edit: Oh, and yes I am old enough to remember party lines and had them growing up. You've come a long way, baby! 

Hum, we are on At&T and just bought brand new land phones. sigh.

Actually I wouldn't mind seeing landlines go in about 5 years when I feel I got my monies worth for the new phones and once there is as full coverage with cell phones.  We live in an area that is quite spotty. 

And every time a new tower goes up its NIMBY six ways from Sunday. Why people think telephone lines look better I'll never know

If you have high-speed internet, you could just use those same phones with VOIP (voice over IP).  That's what we have at my home.  It's much cheaper and you never have to worry about long distance charges.

So when AT&T is saying they want to get rid of landline phones, they aren't saying that everyone would get rid of their home phones, the service would just be provided by VOIP instead.

I had forgotten about VOIP. 

I had looked into it several years ago and it turns out that the only carrier for this area has a lousy reputation so I didn't think about it any further.

What carrier? If you have reliable high-speed internet then that is your carrier.

You don't need a separate telephone carrier. Have you tried Skype?

On TV they often advertise MagicJack which allows you to connect regular phones to the computer and use VOIP.

What carrier? If you have reliable high-speed internet then that is your carrier.

We are on Charter and it was giving us a bit of trouble with both our internet and television so I was not inclined to add our telephone to the mix. And if I remember correctly you had to sign up for a year, which I was really not inclined to do given the trouble we were having.  Oddly enough, my brother signed up with AT&T on a bundle plan and his internet connections are abysmal, phones work though..

Charter has been much better of late, so I should check back to the review sites I was reading before and see what has developed.

I think I was going to sign up with Skype, but had to do it through Charter.  I can't remember now all the details.

AT&T wants out of the Tiger business, too. 

I wonder why???

Can you take your name off your phone? You gotta do this for me... just have it as a number."

Mr. telephone man there's something wrong with my line...



Operator, can you help place this call...
Maybe you need to add the one about "He's a smooth operator"  ;-)
Maybe the CIA could hire Tiger to tell these terrorists that having 72 girls is more trouble than it's worth!!

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