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Rightwing blogs ablaze - 3 Navy Seals face Court-Martial

By SG8970 - Posted on 25 November 2009

Apparently, 3 Navy seals face court-martial for 'roughing up' (my words) a wanted terrorist. Or giving a 'fat lip' or 'punch to the gut' (as i've also seen). The main edge here is: three Seals getting a court-martial for being heros and capturing a wanted man.

Almost the only non-right source I could find on this: Navy Times 

SAN DIEGO — Three Navy SEALs are facing court-martial for allegedly assaulting and mishandling a detainee they captured in Iraq in September, military officials said.

The three SEALs — Special Warfare Operators 2nd Class Matthew McCabe and Jonathan Keefe, and SO1 Julio Huertas — will be arraigned Dec. 7 in a military court in Norfolk, Va., said Army Lt. Col. Holly Silkman, a spokeswoman with U.S. Special Operations Command Central.

McCabe is charged with one count each of assault of the detainee, dereliction of duty and making a false official statement, Silkman said. Officials accuse McCabe of “willfully failing to safeguard a detainee,” Silkman said.

Keefe is charge with one count each of dereliction of duty and false official statement; Huertas is accused of dereliction of duty, false official statement and impeding an investigation, she said.

Army Maj. Gen. Charles Cleveland, SOCCent commander, preferred the charges against the SEALs and will serve as the convening authority as the cases proceed to court-martial, tentatively scheduled for mid-January, Silkman said.

None of the SEALs is confined, she added.

The alleged incident happened in Iraq on or about Sept. 1, Silkman said. “The one thing I can’t talk about is this alleged victim,” she said.

No other details about the alleged incident were immediately available.


After hearing about this on my other board, I did a google search and only found Fox and other right sources reporting, which means two things: There might be some jump to conclusions looking for something against the current administration or there really is a sad sick miscue from the mainstream media. Either way this is confusing.

Even just the charge of giving a false official statement is pretty serious IMO. This notion that rules can be ignored for our military and FBI in the name of "the War on Terror" is very dangerous. Do we want law and order or anything goes? I'm sure Palin will be happy to give her out!
If it's true that they only thing they did was rough him up a little bit, i'd be just as outraged as the right, but I feel there is far more to this story. The right sources just seem way too eager to jump all over this to cause raised emotions and anger towards Obama and the government(feed on the imagined anti-military sentiment). Maybe we can compare it to the census worker. We need all the details on these things.

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