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The sun will set on the "Oprah" show

By Misty - Posted on 19 November 2009

In a press release recieved Thursday evening Tim Bennett, the president of Harpo, Oprah's production company, the show will go off the air.

"Tomorrow, Oprah will announce live on 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' that she has decided to end what is arguably one of the most popular, influential and enduring programs in television history. The sun will set on the "Oprah" show as its 25th season draws to a close on September 9, 2011."

 She probably bought her own planet?

And now she's going to do whatever. Hope she enjoys it.

Maybe she'll go into politics after all?  After people like Palin and Prejean, she'd be like a breath of fresh air.  Intelligence can be quite appealing.

She's also CLEARLY a very smart business person and manager.  

I can't say whether or not I'd vote for her if she ran for any office -- I'd have to hear her platform.  However, the ability to manage and to have a head for business are both extremely appealing qualities for any candidate, IMO. 


It's weird. I can't imagine her doing anything else but her show, but obviously it couldn't go on her whole life. Weird. As long as she doesn't become a pundit of some sort. ( :

It's hard to imagine that it's the last time she'll do some sort of talk show though. I'm sure she'll do something like it again.  Who knows. 

Maybe she will run for office, but I can't imagine that either. Wouldn't really be opposed to it though, a lot worse people have run for office than her and she's seen and experienced a hell of a lot with different people and problems when she's been in that field for 25 years. 

She probably bought her own planet? 

Well, she has more than enough money, but I suspect that she doesn't need to.  The most interesting reveal would be something like this... 

And you get a Planet!  And you get a Planet!  And you get a Planet!  And you get a Planet!  And you get a Planet!     

Actually, I've long suspected that she will be returning to her home planet.  Her world, the great planet Harpo (not a coincidence), has missed her for far too long.  Once there, she will resume her position as Queen of Her Universe.  ;-))


If you want a good laugh, watch this...

Love this skit! It captures Oprah-mania so well!

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